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Job Order: Project Assistant for a Roundtable Discussion on AI and Decolonization

The UP Center for Integrative and Development Studies Decolonial Studies Program is looking for one (1) Project/RTD Assistant under a Job Order (JO), with a monthly rate of PhP 15,000 (gross). Period of work is from 01 July 2024 to 31 October 2024.  Application deadline is 15 March 2024.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisting with identifying, contacting, and coordinating with speakers for the roundtable, “Now You See IT: Decolonization, Decoloniality, AI, and the Internet”
  • Creating and disseminating publicity materials, including but not limited to: posters, flyers, and brochures, to promote the event.
  • Organizing logistics of the roundtable, including but not limited to: room/Zoom room reservations and set-up, moderating the chat and/or Q&A, sending reminders, compiling participant registration details and participation confirmation, and issuing certificates of participation and attendance.
  • Coordinate with the Staff/Coordinator the requirements needed for payment of honorarium or services of speakers, etc.
  • Providing any other related logistical or administrative support for the event.


  • Proficiency with Google applications, Microsoft Word, Zoom applications, etc.
  • Experience with publicity material creation/graphic design
  • An educational or work background in the humanities, social sciences, and/or IT
  • Relevant work or interest in the topic of the roundtable

How to Apply and Inquire

Interested applicants may send their application (as well as queries) to the UP CIDS Decolonial Studies Program ([email protected]). Kindly include [email protected] in the cc field of the email. Please send your curriculum vitae.

About UP CIDS Decolonial Studies Program

The UP Center for Integrative and Development Studies (UP CIDS) is a policy research unit of the University that is mandated to encourage collaborative and rigorous research addressing issues of national significance. The Decolonial Studies Program (DSP) is one of the twelve Research Programs. Download all UP CIDS publications for free.

DSP focuses on the varying dimensions of coloniality/modernity that continue to impact Global South societies and hinder their institutions from achieving their liberating potential. Learn more about DSP and download their publications.