Policy Briefs

UP CIDS Policy Brief Series 2019

The UP CIDS Policy Brief Series features short reports, analyses, and commentaries on issues of national significance and aims to provide research-based inputs for public policy. These works serve as a medium for distilling lessons learned from research and present recommendations for policymaking.

The following are policy briefs from the UP CIDS Policy Brief Series for the current year. Click on the serial number or title to view and/or download the paper. Use the buttons below to navigate through the pages.

Securitizing energy: Prospects and challenges for the Philippines
Marvin Hamor Bernardo
Strategic Studies Program

Movable collateral and partnerships in value chains
Jane Lynn D. Capacio, Emmanuel S. de Dios, and Rob van Tulder
Program on Escaping the Middle-Income Trap: Chains for Change

Reclaiming public services: Giving back ownership and control of the water sector to local government
Teresa S. Encarnacion Tadem and Eduardo C. Tadem
Program on Alternative Development

Not Just a Lab Story: Insights to Improve Science Reporting in the Philippines
Jon Benedik Bunquin and Maria Jeriesa Osorio
Program on Data Science for Public Policy

Urban Farming and Urban Land Use Dilemmas in Metro Manila
Kristian Karlo C. Saguin
Program on Social and Political Change

Airbnb Listings: A Potential House Price Index
Geraldine E. Guarin and George Douglas D. Siton
Program on Data Science for Public Policy

Risk transfer mechanisms: Charting a strategy on local insurance
Dennis G. dela Torre and Erwin A. Alampay
Program on Social and Political Change

Reframing gender disparities in basic education in the Philippines
Naomi Fontanos and Dina S. Ocampo
Education Research Program