Policy Briefs

UP CIDS Policy Brief Series 2020

The UP CIDS Policy Brief Series features short reports, analyses, and commentaries on issues of national significance and aims to provide research-based inputs for public policy. These works serve as a medium for distilling lessons learned from research and present recommendations for policymaking.

The following are policy briefs from the UP CIDS Policy Brief Series for the current year. Click on the serial number or title to view and/or download the paper. Use the buttons below to navigate through the pages.

Assessment as a Tool for Inclusion
Marie Therese Angeline Bustos, Darlene Echavia, and Kerry Woods
Education Research Program

Policy outlooks for translation and related language policies in the Philippines
Frances Antoinette C. Cruz, Naidyl Isis Bautista, Kristine Cabling, Jillian Loise Melchor, Jean Auguste Dominique Monsod, and Anna Marie Sibayan-Sarmiento
Decolonial Studies Program

Protecting road safety in the Philippines from alcohol industry interference
Noel Padalhin and Maria Fatima Villena
Program on Alternative Development • Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety–Legal Development Programme

An Innovative Ambidexterity Typology of Filipino Agripreneurs and Its Implications for Regional Development Policies
Melodee Marciana E. de Castro and Dinah Pura T. Depositario
Program on Data Science for Public Policy

The provision of electricity and internet access to DepEd schools and its impact on school performance
Maria Theresa G. Capule-Navarro and Erwin A. Alampay
Program on Data Science for Public Policy

The Need to Increase Supply of Medical Workers and Build Telemedicine Infrastructure to Prepare for Future Public Health Crises
Geoffrey Ducanes and Sarah Lynne Daway-Ducanes
Program on Higher Education Research and Policy Reform

An Analysis of Port Entry Networks Using Philippine Customs Administrative Data
Karl Robert Jandoc, Jan Michael Yap, and Geraldine Guarin
Program on Data Science for Public Policy

The Uneasy Relationship Between Transfers and Local Fiscal Governance
Rogelio Alicor L. Panao
Program on Social and Political Change

Health and Access in Metro Manila: Challenges and Possible Ways Forward
Maria Ela L. Atienza
Program on Social and Political Change

The Philippines in China’s BRI: The Road So Far
Maria Nikka U. Garriga
Strategic Studies Program