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2nd Call for Proposals on Policy Research

Dr. Perry Ong, Dr. Josef Yap, Dr. Temy Rivera

Dr.Perry Ong, Dr.Josef Yap & Dr. Temy Rivera


UPCIDS is now accepting capsule proposals on policy research on any of the 4E framework of CIDS. Click here.

This call for proposals is open to all faculty-researchers from UP Visayas and Mindanao campuses who participated in the 2nd workshop on “Building Capacity To Do Policy Research” held last July 23, 2013 at UP Cebu. The workshop which feature a panel of experts and research fellows of CIDS and PIDS was conducted to develop capacity to do policy researches among young faculty-researchers of UP.

The deadline of submission is on July 31, 2013 (Wed).

Download Capsule Proposal Format for Policy Research 

Call for Proposals on Policy Research

The workshop on “Building Capacity To Do Policy Research” was held at CIDS on May 17, 2013 to develop the capacity to do policy researches among young faculty-researchers of UP and to write policy papers for publication. Faculties from UP Manila, Diliman, Baguio, Los Baños, and Open University attended the event.

The presentations featured four panels of experts from different academic disciplines. The panel consisted of Commissioner Cynthia Bautista of CHED, President Josef Yap of PIDS and UP professors, Dr. Perry Ong of Institute of Biology and Dr. Temario Rivera of Department of Political Science.

Policy research in Social Sciences, Education & Arts, Natural Sciences, and Economics were among the topics. Presenters discussed the issues and limitations in doing policy research. They noted that “without solid basic research, policy research will be impossible to do”. The important elements in writing and publishing policy research were also addressed.

At the end of the presentations, the participants partook in a workshop to discuss their expertise and ideas in doing research, in which they will submit a capsule proposal on a policy research they wish to undertake given that it must be a topic on any of the 4E framework of UP CIDS. (Click this link)

The deadline of submission is on May 31, 2013 (Friday).

Download Capsule Proposal Format for Policy Research (PDF Format)

CIDS to hold biodiversity workshop

The Center for Integrative and Development Studies (CIDS) will hold the lecture series-workshop “Integrating Biodiversity Research, Education, Public Engagement and Conservation from November 12 to 16 at the National Institute of Physics.

Organized by the California Academy of Sciences and the UP System, the 4-day activity provides “an excellent learning opportunity for educators, policy makers, biologists and taxonomists, in particular, as well as a venue for the exchange of ideas among a highly interdisciplinary group of scientists and users of our biodiversity.” ...view full post>> 

Source: UPD Inside News – The Diliman UP Date Online