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1st Asian Politics & Policy Conference: Call for Papers

This 1st Asian Politics and Policy Conference will bring together academics, government analysts, and public intellectuals to consider how a radically transformed external environment – particularly with the locus of economic power shifting to Asia – is creating new policy challenges for the Philippines’ political economy, foreign policy, security, and national as well as regional identity.

Presentations and papers on the following suggested themes are welcome:

  • Philippine economic strategies for the new Asian century
  • The future of the Philippines-US alliance
  • Living with China, but loving it?
  • ASEAN Regionalism: its promises and its discontents
  • Alternative constructions of “region”
  • The Philippines’ new security partnerships
  • What is an independent foreign policy in a global era?
  • Military modernization: imperatives and perils
  • Winning the peace: from Mindanao to the South China Sea
  • Filipino diaspora: the next 40 years?
  • Being and becoming Filipino: ethnicity, identity and cyberspace
  • The Philippine archipelago: is our maritime geography a curse or blessing?

Selected papers will be reviewed and may be published in a special issue of Asian Politics & Policy and/or as an edited volume byWestphalia Press.Authors are advised to look at guidelines posted at this link. All submissions and inquiries should be sent to [email protected].

This conference is a collaboration among Asian Politics & Policy, the Policy Studies Organization, the University of the Philippines’ Asian Center, and U.P. Center for Integrative & Development Studies.