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This database covers policy briefs; discussion papers; monographs; monograph chapters; proceedings from 2018 to the present; articles from the UP CIDS public policy journals since 1997; and selected UP CIDS publications released between 1985 and 2017.

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Frameworks that Inquire, Describe, and Explain: Using Frames and Tools to Enhance Project Assessment with a Multipurpose Cooperative as Illustrative ExampleDiscussion PaperJane Lynn D. Capacio, Marieanne Itol,
Joie Maymay, Anna Amalia Brillante-Vibar,
and Tara Alessandra Abrina
On Muslim Theology and SpiritualityMonograph20242024
Advancing the Local Production and Commercialization of Single Cylinder EnginesPolicy BriefAlexis C. Del Rosario, Maria Victoria L. Larona, Victor A. Rodulfo, Jr., Antoinette R. Raquiza and Kiwanis M. Abunda20242024
When the Young’s Problem is an Old Problem: Problem Dimensions and Policy Options to Curb Adolescent Pregnancy in the PhilippinesDiscussion PaperAthena Charanne R. Presto and Eunice B. Santiago20242024
Regionalism in the time of systemic risk: potential and pitfalls in ASEAN’s approachPolicy BriefTe-Anne C. Robles20242024
Southeast Asian Grassroots Practices Towards an Alternative Peoples’ RegionalismProceedingsProgram on Alternative Development20242024
“Pendulum Swings” in the Philippines’ South China Sea Approach?Discussion PaperEdcel John A. Ibarra20242024
Tarasul hal Sambahayang: Prayer and Sufi Spirituality in Sulu Discussion PaperDarwin J. Absari and Anne Christine Ensomo20242024
Informal Settlement on UP Diliman CampusMonographKim Dovey and Redento B. Recio20242024
Linking People-to-People Exchange: Weaving between Alternative Development Practitioners from Southeast Asia and IndiaProceedingsProgram on Alternative Development20232023
25 Years of IPRA: The Indigenous Peoples’ Struggle ContinuesDiscussion paperVanessa L. Almeda, Jose Monfred C. Sy, Ananeza P. Aban,
Honey B. Tabiola, with the Ayta Mag-indi community in
Porac, Pampanga; Talaandig indigenous women leaders
of Maramag, Bukidnon; and students from Lumad Bakwit
Sama-Sama sa Pag-arangkada! Transport Summit 2023ProceedingsProgram on Alternative Development20232023
Review of Plural Entanglements: Philippine StudiesBook ReviewJose Monfred C. Sy20232023
Review of Empire of Seas: Thinking About AsiaBook ReviewLuis Zuriel Domingo20232023
Review of The Drama of Dictatorship: Martial Law and the Communist Parties of the PhilippinesBook ReviewRommel A. Curaming20232023
Review of A World Safe for Democracy: Liberal Internationalism and the Crises of Global OrderBook ReviewWalden Bello, Ph.D.20232023
Systemic Perils in Post-Pandemic Southeast AsiaPolicy InsightEduardo C. Tadem, PhD20232023
An Exploratory Network Analysis of the Translation Industry in the Philippines: Perspectives from Translators in the AcademeArticleFrances Antoinette Cruz, Naidyl Isis Bautista, Anna Marie Sibayan-Sarmiento, and Kristine Cabling20232023
Provision of Electricity and Internet Access in DepEd Schools: Implications on School Performance and Digital Inclusivity in the New NormalArticleErwin A. Alampay and Maria Theresa Capule-Navarro20232023
Using Marx to Understand the Working Class in the PhilippinesArticleBenjamin B. Velasco20232023
Exploring Methods to Decolonize English StudiesDiscussion PaperJanice Roman-Tamesis and Marie Aubrey Villaceran20232023
End-of-Term and Impact AssessmentEnd-of-Term and Impact Assessment20232023
Revitalizing Local Governance in the Philippines through Sustainable Health FinancingPolicy BriefMeljun R. Banogon, Geremiah Edison Daniel C. Llanes, Jaime Z. Galvez Tan, Juan Ma. Pablo R. Nañagas, Ruben C. Flores, Ramon Pedro P. Paterno and Madeleine De Rosas-Valera20232023
People-to-People Exchange Towards Forging Intersectional Feminist Futures ProceedingsAltDev20232023
Resilience of Organic Rice and Supermarket Value Chains during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Case of the Global Organic Wellness CorporationDiscussion PaperElaine Tacubanza
Ernest Barreiro
Tara Abrina
Jane Lynn Capacio
Business for Peace – The End ConferenceProceedings20232023
#TaxTheRich: A Policy Analysis of Introducing a Wealth Tax in the Philippines Using a Social Justice LensDiscussion PaperJacquelyn Anne G. Libatique20232023
(Mis)Handling COVID-19–Related Deaths and Islamic Burial Rites Among Muslims in the Philippines Policy BriefDarwin J. Absari and Cheery D. Orozco, DIS20232023
UP-CIDS Mid Year Report 2023Midyear ReportUP CIDS20232023
Decolonizing Religion: Wishful Thinking or a Real Possibility?Discussion PaperBrian U. Doce and Nassef Manabilang Adiong20232023
The 2019 Expanded Maternity Leave Law: A Law whose progressive potential has yet to be fully realizedMonographMa. Victoria R. Raquiza
Duke Thomas G. Dolorical
Roja Salvador
Literacy Assessment for Grades 4 – 12: Emerging Themes and Framework for 21st Century LearningProceedingsEducation Research Program20232023
The Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in the Bangsamoro Local Governance CodePolicy BriefKebart P. Licayan and Nassef Manabilang Adiong20232023
Inequality, Tax Justice and the Philippine Wealth Tax Campaign MonographEduardo C. Tadem20232023
Re-Evaluating Japan’s Middle Power Diplomacy: Between Aspirations and Reality Discussion PaperMaria Thaemar C. Tana and Ronna Shane M. Belaro20232023
Community Pantry and Pharmacy at UP: Lessons Learned Towards a Framework for Pandemic Response and Social Justice [p. 35]Monograph ChapterUP Community Pantry and Pharmacy, Anna Marie Stephanie C. Esperida20232023
Decolonial Approaches to Legislation in the Bangsamoro ContextPolicy BriefLaurent Raguindin, Archill Niña Faller-Capistrano, and Nassef Manibalang Adiong20232023
Decolonial Approaches to Legislation: Seminar-WorkshopProceedingsIslamic Studies Program20232023
Koalisi Seni Indonesia’s Democratic Art-Making as Cross-Border Community-Building [p. 349]Monograph ChapterKoalisi Seni Indonesia
Nathaniel P. Candelaria
Jose Monfred C. Sy
Reconnecting with Our Southeast Asian Heritage: The Kontra-GaPi Way [p. 329]Monograph ChapterKontra-GaPi
Ronald B. Escanlar
Indigenous Lifeways as Grassroots Resistance and Environmental Preservation: The Experience of Fishers in Loktak Lake, Northeast India [p. 297]Monograph ChapterAll Loktak Lake Area Fishers’ Association Manipur; Donald Takhell; Salam Rajesh; Rafael V. Dimalanta20232023
Asserting Inclusion in Housing and Urban Development: From the Barikadang Bayan (Community Barricade), Street Occupation, Tumbalik (Collective Home Restoration) to the Community Development Plan [p. 253]Monograph ChapterKalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap - San Roque
Rafael V. Dimalanta
Bernard Joy G. Dones
Promoting Citizens’ Participation in the Budget Process: The Social Watch Philippines’ Alternative Budget Initiative {p. 225]Monograph ChapterSocial Watch Philippines
Ma. Victoria R. Raquiza
Roja Estrelita Salvador
Challenging the Feminization of Garment Labor: The Case of Worker’s Information Center in Cambodia [p. 209]Monograph ChapterWorker’s Information Center
Bianca Ysabelle Franco
Pride and Solidarity: Notes on the Engagement of Camp Queer with the Zagu Workers [p. 185]Monograph ChapterCamp Queer
Raymund Luther B. Aquino
Addressing Gender-Based Violence in Post-Independence Timor-Leste through Queer Solidarity [p. 163]Monograph ChapterArcoiris
Ananeza P. Aban
Angeli Fleur G. Nuque
Women’s Access to Justice through Legal Aid Clinics and Paralegal Formations: The Association for Development of Women and Legal Empowerment [p. 143]Monograph ChapterAssociation for Development of Women and Legal Empowerment;
Angeli Fleur G. Nuque;
Ananeza P. Aban
Collective Farming towards Workers-Owned, Workers-Managed Enterprises: A Case Study on the Negros Farm Workers (AMANA and NAFWA) [p. 119]Monograph ChapterAsosasyon sang mga Mamumugon sa Nolan (AMANA)
and Nakalang Farm Workers Association (NAFWA)
Micah Hanah S. Orlino
Rafael V. Dimalanta
Weaving through Pandemic Woes: T’boli Women Weavers During the COVID-19 Pandemic [p. 105]Monograph ChapterLake Sebu Indigenous Women Weavers Association Incorporated
Noreen H. Sapalo
Burma/Myanmar’s Gendered Political Economy and Women-led Empowerment: The Story of Conflict and Action of the Thandaunggyi Women’s Group in Karen State [p. 89]Monograph ChapterThandaunggyi Women’s Group
Nathaniel P. Candelaria
Re-Imagining Post-Pandemic Societies: Alternative Practices across Southeast Asia VOLUME 2MonographEduardo C. Tadem, Benjamin B. Velasco, Jose Monfred C. Sy, Ananeza P. Aban, Rafael Vicente V. Dimalanta, Honey B. Tabiola & Ryan Joseph C. Martinez20232023
From the Community, For the Community: Exploring the Potential of Dakdae Social Enterprise in Laos [p. 71]Monograph ChapterDakdae
Julianne B. Agpalo
Ananeza P. Aban
Post-Pandemic Southeast Asia: Systemic Perils and Peoples’ Alternatives [p.1]Monograph ChapterEduardo C. Tadem20232023
Building Sustainable Social and Solidarity Economy in Southeast Asia:Towards More and Better Jobs for Women in the Informal Economy [p. 53]Monograph ChapterPATAMABA WISE, HomeNet Philippines, Rosalinda Pineda-Ofreneo, Josephine Parilla20232023
Bangsamoro Local Government Code: Re-reading of Decentralization and its ProblemsPolicy Brief
Vincent L. Casil and Nassef Manabilang Adiong, PhD20232023
Muslim Institutional Development in EducationProceedingsIslamic Studies Program20232023
Making Voter Education a Pillar of Democracy in the PhilippinesPolicy BriefJorge V. Tigno20232023
The Philippine Halal LandscapeProceedingsIslamic Studies Program20232023
Putting Transport Workers and Commuters First: The Route to Just Transition in Public Transport ModernizationPolicy Brief
Rafael Dimalanta • Jan Marvi Atienza • Edrich Samonte20232023
Sustaining and Enhancing the Monitoring of Development Goals: Policy Coherence and Multi-Level Governance in Philippine BureaucracyDiscussion PaperMaria Lourdes Genato Rebullida &
Matthew Manuelito Sayson Miranda
The Party is Dead! Long Live the Party! Reforming the Party System in the PhilippinesDiscussion PaperJorge V. Tigno20232023
Assessing Local Governance and Autonomy in the Philippines: Three Decades of the 1991 Local Government CodeDiscussion PaperMaria Ela L. Atienza and Jan Robert R. Go20232023
The Philippine Judiciary: Strengthening the Third Branch of GovernmentDiscussion PaperMaria Ela L. Atienza20232023
Reinforcing People-to-People Solidarities Towards Regionalism from Below: Alternatives from Southeast Asia Amid COVID-19MonographEduardo C. Tadem • Karl Arvin F. Hapal • Venarica B. Papa
Benjamin B. Velasco • Ananeza P. Aban • Honey B. Tabiola
Rafael V. Dimalanta • Micah Hanah S. Orlino
Jose Monfred C. Sy • Nathaniel P. Candelaria
Year End Report 2022Year-End ReportUP CIDS20222022
Balik-Islam in Some Selected Areas in Luzon and the National Capital Region: Motivations of Conversion and Challenges EncounteredDiscussion PaperMacrina A. Morados & Aisha F. Malayang20232023
Debating the Prospects of Nuclear Energy in the PhilippinesProceedingsProgram on Social and Political Change and Strategic Studies Program20232023
Advancing and Realizing Alternative Regionalism: Southeast Asian Peoples’ Solidarity and Resistance in COVID-19 TimesProceedingsProgram on Alternative Development20232023
Land for Food: The Peace and Equity Foundation–Malaga Cuenca Agrarian Reform Cooperative (PEF–MACARBEN) Agrarian Reform–Block Farming Case StudyDiscussion PaperErnest Barreiro • Wilma Guinto • Elaine Tacubanza • Tara Abrina20232023
Operationalizing Halal Food and Beverage for Philippine TourismPolicy BriefNefertari Al-Raschid-Arsad20222022
Key Issues in Governance, Finance, School Improvement, and ICT in Basic Education | MonographDina Ocampo and Kathrina Lorraine M. Lucasan20192019
Rebuilding Disaster-Affected Communities for a Sustainable Future: Lessons and Policy Recommendations for Poverty Alleviation from the Typhoon Yolanda ExperienceMonographMaria Ela L. Atienza20192019
Creating inclusive institutions: An analysis of the experience of three agricultural value chain modelsDiscussion PaperJane Lynn D. Capacio, Emmanuel S. De Dios,
Reinier T. De Guzman, and Rob van Tulder
Doing research with grassroots organizations: A participatory action research (PAR)-inspired approachDiscussion PaperKarl Arvin Hapal, Maureen Pagaduan and Venarica Papa20192019
Contemporary Issues in Philippine Higher Education 3 MonographFernando dlC. Paragas (ed.)20232023
Breaking barriers in agriculture financing: Enhancing the resilience of agriculture value chains through interlinked inclusive financing modelsDiscussion PaperJane Lynn D. Capacio, Emmanuel S. De Dios and Rob Van Tulder20182018
Steering the Economy Admidst Global Uncertainties and New DevelopmentsDiscussion PaperGilberto M. Llanto and Ma. Kristina P. Ortiz20182018
Barriers to Filipino Women’s Political ParticipationDiscussion PaperJean Encinas-Franco and Elma Laguna20232023
Institutional Development of Muslim Education in the PhilippinesDiscussion PaperNefertari Al-Raschid-Arsad20222022
Globalization in Asia: Is It Better to Emerge or Retreat | ProceedingsProceedingsPolitical Economy Program and the UP Asian Center20222022
Impact of COVID-19 on Education Workers and Union ResponsesDiscussion PaperJosephine E. Prudente
Benjamin B. Velasco
UP’s Pandemic Response – Activities, Programs, and Policies Implemented by the University of the Philippines in Response to the COVID-19 PandemicDiscussion PaperKathleen Mai Javier Cardoz20222022
Muslim Education Webinar on Essential KnowledgeProceedingsIslamic Studies Program20222022
Pasadang Pandemic – The Impact of COVID-19 on Transport WorkersDiscussion PaperMikhail Ambrose R. Aggabao, Erik Dane I. Belarmino and Benjami B. Velasco20222022
Contentious Migrants – Transnational Protests and the Making of the Filipino DiasporaMonographSharon M. Quinsaat20222022
Recommendations for the Indigenous People’s Rights Act (IPRA) of 1997: Recentering Indigenous Communities and OrganizationsPolicy BriefJose Monfred Sy and Ryan Martinez, with the Ayta Mag-indi Community in Porac Pampanga; Talaandig indigenous women leaders of Maramag, Bukidnon; and students from Lumad Bakwit School20222022
Dealing with the Deficit of Primary Healthcare WorkersPolicy BriefRyan Joseph Martinez and Benjamin Velasco20222022
Refuting Objections to a Wealth Tax Policy BriefEduardo C. Tadem20222022
The Pole Star of Social Democracy Has Burnt Out, What Should We Do Now? Policy BriefOlle Törnquist20222022
Dealing with the Deficit of Primary Healthcare WorkersPolicy BriefRyan Joseph Martinez and Benjamin Velasco20222022
Refuting Objections to a Wealth TaxPolicy BriefEduardo C. Tadem20222022
Role of Institutions, Investment Policies, and Macroeconomic Conditions on Attracting Foreign InvestmentsPolicy BriefCielo D. Magno and Kevin Daniel M. Quizon20222022
The Pole Star of Social Democracy Has Burnt Out, What Should We Do NowPolicy BriefOlle Törnquist20222022
Going Against the Tide Kapunungan sa Gagmay’ng Mangingisda sa Concepcion (KGMC) | MonographDiscussion PaperTara Alessandra S. Abrina
with Julian Thomas B. Alvarez, Jan Andrew Orocay,
and Jane Lynn D. Capacio
Higher Education in EDCOM 2: Going Global?ProceedingsHigher Education Research and Policy Reform Program
COVID-19-Related Discrimination of Workers in the Mactan Export Processing Zone during the PandemicMonographBenjamin Velasco &
Judy Ann C. Miranda
Customary Law of the Sama Banguinguih of Simariki Island: A CommentaryMonographYusuf Roque S. Morales, Sheryl R. Morales20222022
The Katipunan Dialogue: A Podcast Series on Politics and International RelationsProceedingsStrategic Studies Program20222022
Retrofitting Small Marine Vessels for Range Extension and Emissions ReductionPolicy BriefPaul Rodgers, Antoinette Raquiza, PhD, Kiwanis Abunda20222022
Minilateralism on the South China Sea Dispute: The ASEAN Minus “X” Plus 1 EquationPolicy BriefRAdm Rommel Jude G. Ong AFP (Ret.) and
Marvin Hamor Bernardo
The Training of Trainers and Enhancing Madaris Teachers’ Support System in the Municipality of Jolo, SuluProceedingsIslamic Studies Program20222022
Tax the Rich! Nine Reasons for a Wealth TaxPolicy Brief
Eduardo C. Tadem20222022
Gibâ-Tayô: Kasaysayan ng Buhay ng Maralitang Tagalungsod ng ASAMBAMonographThe ASAMBA Community and Christine Censoro20222022
Waste Heat Recovery and Energy Efficiency for Small and Medium Power UsersPolicy BriefMenandro S. Berana, DEng20222022
Promoting Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Among Vulnerable Groups in the PhilippinesDiscussion PaperJennifer Navarro Bayang • Marie Stella Cardenas
Jose Daniel Melgar • Ana Maria R. Nemenzo
Venarica Papa • Eduardo C. Tadem • Rhoda Viajar
The Legal and Institutional Ecosystem of Halāl in the PhilippinesPolicy BriefMehol K. Sadain20222022
Understanding Learners’ Home Contexts and Recommendations for Future School ScenariosPolicy BriefOcampo, Dina S.; Gonzales, Junette Fatima D.20222022
Southeast Asian Peoples in Pandemic Times: Challenges and Responses (COVID-19 Grassroots Report Volume 2)MonographEduardo C. Tadem • Benjamin B. Velasco
Ananeza P. Aban • Rafael Vicente V. Dimalanta
Jose Monfred C. Sy • Micah Hanah S. Orlino
Ryan Joseph C. Martinez • Honey B. Tabiola
#PILIpiLUNAS2022 Governance Agenda: Pag-angat at Pagsulong Tungo sa Magandang Buhay at Bukas (Filipino)Governance AgendaUP Task Force for Nation-Building20222022
#PILIpiLUNAS2022 Governance Agenda: Pag-angat at Pagsulong Tungo sa Magandang Buhay at Bukas (English)Governance AgendaUP Task Force for Nation-Building20222022
Rebuilding MSMEs in the Time of the Pandemic and BeyondDiscussion PaperRolando Ramon Diaz20222022
Future-Proofing Philippine Agriculture and Food Systems: Lessons from the COVID-19 PandemicDiscussion PaperDarlene Dolly A. Cruz20222022
UPCIDS Mid-Year Report: January to June 2022Term ReportUP CIDS20222022
Reviewing Contentions of Authority and Legitimacy in Philippine Halal Development InitiativesPolicy BriefNefertari Al-Raschid–Arsad20222022
Asia-Europe Peoples’ Forum 13: Converging Alternatives from Asia and Europe towards Alternative Regionalism and People-to-People SolidarityProceedings
Program on Alternative Development20222022
Philippine Public Policy in a Time of Pandemic: Confronting the COVID-19 ChallengeProceedingsUP CIDS20222022
How the Philippines Could Pave the Way for a Minilateral Arrangement: Policy Directions for a Philippine-led South China Sea Minilateral InitiativePolicy BriefRamon D. Bandong, Jr.20222022
Interrogating ZAMBASULTA Education Institution Mechanisms in the New NormalPolicy BriefNefertari Al-Raschid–Arsad20222022
A Philippine Perspective: Capacitating ASEAN to Address Security Issues in Southeast AsiaRAdm Rommel Jude G. Ong AFP (Ret.) and Ramon D. Bandong Jr.20222022
The Informal Labor Carries the Brunt of a COVID-19–induced Economic Recession: The Need for Stronger Transition Policies to FormalityPolicy BriefEmily Christi A. Cabegin20222022
Contemporary Issues in Philippine Higher EducationMonographFernando dlC Paragas20222022
UPCIDS Year-End Report: July-December 2021Year-End ReportUP CIDS
Nurse Education Program Performance: Evidence from Licensure ExamsPolicy BriefDucanes, Geoffrey/David, Clarissa C. 20182018
Teacher Education in the Philippines: Are we meeting the demand for Quantity and Quality?Policy BriefDucanes, Geoffrey/David, Clarissa C. 20182018
School Licensure Exam Performance and Engineer Shortage in the PhilippinesPolicy Brief Ducanes, Geoffrey/David, Clarissa C. 20182018
Are we there yet? What it will take to win the Philippine war on drugsPolicy BriefTigno, Jorge V. 20182018
On Islamic Populism in Indonesia and the Middle EastDiscussion PaperHadiz, Vedi R.20182018
Strategic Outlook 2018-2019: Proceedings from the 3rd Katipunan Conference: The Philippines Strategic Outlook 2018-2019ProceedingsArugay, Aries A. (ed.)20182018
Indonesia's New Populist Order and Diffused Progressives in Comparative PerspectiveDiscussion PaperTornquist, Olle20182018
UPCIDS Mid-Year Report: January -June 2018ReportUP CIDS20182018
Graduate Degrees of Higher Education Faculty in the Philippines: Status and Ways ForwardPolicy Brief Yee, Karol Mark/Ducanes, Geoffrey/David, Clarissa C. 20182018
Teacher Education in the Philippines: Are we meeting the demand for quantity and quality?Discussion PaperYee, Karol Mark/Ducanes, Geoffrey/David, Clarissa C./Generalao, Ian Nicole20182018
Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) and a Need for Program EvaluationPolicy Brief Metila, Romylyn 20182018
Post-Democratic Regimes and the Businessification of the State and Civil SocietyDiscussion PaperHewison, Kevin20182018
Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (PCVE) Recommendations: From Communication, Community Building to Intercultural CompetencePolicy BriefCruz, Frances Antoinette/Licayan, Kebart20192019
Teacher Education in the Philippines: Are We Meeting the Demand for Quality?Journal ArticleIan Nicole Generalao, Geoffrey Ducanes, Karol Mark Yee, and Clarissa C. David20222022
Identity-Based Conflicts and the Politics of Identity in Eastern MindanaoJournal ArticleFrancisco J. Lara, Jr. and Bianca Ysabelle Franco20222022
Thai Youth in Protest: Transnational Inspiration and Local Adaptation in the Repertoires of Contention of the 2020 Bangkok Youth – led Democratization MovementJournal ArticleCharles Erize P. Ladia20222022
Queering Solidarity: Civil Society at the Fringes of ASEAN Regionalism and Alternative for the LGBTQ+Journal ArticleAnaneza P. Aban and Jose Monfred C. Sy20222022
How Marcos Undermined Philippine Agriculture and Marginalized Further the PeasantryPolicy EssayEduardo C. Tadem20222022
Review of "Republicanism, Communism, Islam: Cosmopolitan Origins of Revolution in Southeast Asia"Book ReviewVedi R. Hadiz20222022
Policy Analysis on Education in Emergencies (EiE) and Flexible Learning Options (FLOs) for Senior High School (SHS) in the PhilippinesJournal ArticleNaomi Fontanos, Junette Fatima Gonzales, Kathrina Lorraine Lucasan, and Dina Ocampo20212021
Bridging the Agriculture Credit Gap: A Case Study of the Farmer Entrepreneurship Program of Jollibee Group FoundationJournal ArticleJane Lynn D. Capacio, Emmanuel S. de Dios, and Rob van Tulder20212021
Policy Landscape for Customary Forest Management in the Philippine CordillerasJournal ArticleLeah Abayao20212021
An Innovative Ambidexterity Typology of Filipino Agripreneurs and Its Implications for Regional Development PoliciesJournal ArticleMelodee Marciana E. De Castro and Dinah Pura T. Depositario20212021
#MeToo: A Comparative Study of the #MeToo Movement in the United States and South Korea Using Collective Action Frames and Hashtag FeminismJournal ArticleMa. Jestine J. Mendoza20212021
Challenges and policy options for harnessing renewable energy-based social networks for renewable energy electrification of small off-grid islandsPolicy EssayLaurence Delina, Josephine Dionisio, Jergil Gyle Gavieres, and Joey Ocon20212021
A Technical Analysis on the Manila Bay Dolomite Beach Reclamation ProjectPolicy EssayMark Angelo C. Bucay, Tara Alessandra S. Abrina,Jelaine L. Gan, and Maria Finesa Cosico20212021
Adopting Miller’s First Principles for Online Food Delivery Platforms’ Labor Regulation in the PhilippinesPolicy EssayJayvy R. Gamboa20212021
Till Death(s) Do Us Part?: Policy “Design Trace” of the Philippine Anti-Illegal Drug CampaignJournal ArticleClyde Ben A. Gacayan20202020
Pipe Dream for the Ladies: Constructs of Rights of Prostituted Women among Social Actors in the Sex Industry of Olongapo City, ZambalesJournal ArticleJonalyn C. Paz20202020
The State of Public Policy Research in the PhilippinesPolicy EssayClarisse C. Culla20202020
Online Course Learning in a Time of a Pandemic: The Wuhan ExperiencePolicy EssayJan Robert R. Go20202020
Jose Rizal: The Radical Liberal Jose Rizal | On "Liberalism and the Paradox of Coloniality"Review EssayLisandro E. Claudio20202020
Persevere, Have Courage, and Unite: The Story of Ka Bart Pasion | On "Living in Times of Unrest: Bart Pasion and the Philippine Revolution"Review EssayRoland G. Simbulan20202020
Economies Revisited | On "Paper Dragons: China and the Next Crash"Review EssayJoseph Anthony Y. Lim20202020
Review of "Between Empires: Martí, Rizal, and the Intercolonial Alliance"Book ReviewJose Monfred C. Sy20202020
Review of "Beyond Will and Power: A Biography of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte"Book ReviewCleve V. Arguelles20202020
Review of "Philippine Politics and the Marcos Technocrats: The Emergence and Evolution of a Power Elite"Book ReviewJoel Rocamora20202020
Speaking Out in Vietnam: Public Political Criticism in a Communist Party-Ruled NationBook ReviewArmando Malay Jr.20202020
Review of "Counterrevolution: The Global Rise of the Far Right"Book ReviewSharon M. Quinsaat20202020
Review of "Soldiering through Empire: Race and the Making of the Decolonizing Pacific"Book ReviewRicardo T. Jose20202020
Impossible is Not so Easy: A Life in PoliticsBook ReviewCarmel V. Abao20202020
Aileen S.P. Baviera: Thinker, Teacher, (Track-Two) Soldier, “Spy”Tribute EssayHerman Joseph S. Kraft20202020
Aileen San Pablo Baviera, 1959-2020: A Dissident Tribute to a Scholar, Activist, Colleague, and FriendTribute EssayEduardo C. Tadem20202020
Maureen C. Pagaduan (November 22, 1952–August 11, 2020): Close Encounters with a Friend, Colleague, and ComradeTribute EssayEduardo C. Tadem20202020
Laura Samson: A Tribute to a Publisher, Editor, and Mentor Par Excellence (September 1, 1953–September 10, 2020)Tribute EssayTeresa S. Encarnacion Tadem20202020
Citizenship and Civic Education: A Critical Elaboration on the Pedagogy of Rizal’s La Liga FilipinaJournal ArticleClement C. Camposano20192019
The Disappearance of the “Model Muslim Minority” in Xi Jinping’s China: Intended Policy or Side Effect?Journal ArticleHacer Z. Gonul and Julius M. Rogenhofer20192019
The Philippines’ Universal Healthcare Policy (Kalusugan Pangkalahatan) and the PoorPolicy EssayCorey B. Moore20192019
Utilizing Soft Power in the Conduct of Foreign Policy: Current Realities and Prospects for the PhilippinesPolicy EssayNathaniel Punongbayan Candelaria20192019
Taking Stock: Hybridity and the UP PressPolicy EssayJ. Neil C. Garcia20192019
The Two Images of Luis: Review of "Taruc Born of the People: An Autobiography" and He Who Rides the Tiger: The Story of an Asian Guerrilla Leader"Review EssayFrancisco Nemenzo20192019
Review of "Interrogating Participation: Motivations, Interests, and Control: Participation without Democracy: Containing Conflict in Southeast Asia"Book ReviewVenarica B. Papa20192019
Searching for the Rakyat:A People’s History of Malaysia: With Emphasis on the Development of NationalismBook ReviewMCM Santamaria20192019
Review of "Twentieth-Century Philippine Political Thinkers: Selected Readings"Book ReviewLisandro E. Claudio20192019
Review of "Moral Politics in the Philippines: Inequality, Democracy and the Urban Poor"Book ReviewKarl Arvin F. Hapal20192019
Review of "Liberalism and the Postcolony: Thinking the State in 20th-Century Philippines"Book ReviewJean Paul L. Zialcita20192019
Review of "A Time to Rise: Collective Memoirs of the Union of Democratic Filipinos (KDP)"Book ReviewSharon M. Quinsaat20192019
Strong Patronage, Weak Parties: The Case for Electoral Reform in the PhilippinesBook ReviewCleo Anne A. Calimbahin20192019
Was Rizal a Liberal Until the End? Review of "Jose Rizal: Liberalism and the Paradox of Coloniality"Book ReviewClement C. Camposano20192019
A Discursive Trap? The Power and Danger of the Middle-income Trap DiscourseJournal ArticleNicole Curato20182018
Economic and Social Upgrading in Global Value Chains: Insights from Philippine Manufacturing FirmsJournal ArticleAdrian R. Mendoza20182018
A Military Officer Explores the Roots of Social Unrest: A Review of "When the Rains Come, Will Not the Grass Grow Again?: The Socialist Movement in the Philippines: 1920-1960'Review Essay
Eduardo C. Tadem20182018
Review of "Dark Academia: How Universities Die"Book ReviewRamon Guillermo20182018
To Suffer Thy Comrades: How the Revolution Decimated Its Own (Revised Edition)Book ReviewJosephine Dionisio20182018
Review of "A Time to Rise: Collective Memoirs of the Union of Democratic Filipinos (KDP)"Book ReviewFerdinand C. Llanes20182018
Review of 'Islamic Populism in Indonesia and the Middle East'Book ReviewHurriyah20182018
Review of "Dilemmas of Populist Transactionalism: What are the Prospects Now for Popular Politics in Indonesia?"Book ReviewJoel Rocamora20182018
Review of "Indonesia: Twenty Years of Democracy"Book ReviewOlle Törnquist20182018
Review of "The Development of the Rule of Law in ASEAN: The State and Regional Integration"Book ReviewMelissa Loja20182018
Review of "State and Society in the Philippines" (2nd Edition)Book ReviewYuko Kasuya20182018
Review of "Small Powers and Trading Security: Contexts, Motives and Outcomes"Book ReviewJaime B. Naval20182018
Review of "Capitalism and Inclusion Under Weak Institutions"Book ReviewMarife Ballesteros20182018
Review of "Transforming Local Government"Book ReviewJan Robert R. Go20182018
Review of "Understanding the Filipino Worker and Organization" (2nd edition)Book ReviewMelisa R. Serrano20182018
Edgardo J. Angara (24 September 1934–13 May 2018): Statesman, Educator, and Institution BuilderTribute EssayMa. Cynthia Rose B. Bautista20182018
"Lessons from the Chinese and
Philippine Experiences [in Agriculture]
Monograph ChapterEduardo C. Tadem20202020
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What the \
New Institutional Economics Owes Marx
Monograph ChapterEmmanuel S. De Dios 2020
Struggles and Wishes of
Our Dark Times
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Laws and jurisprudence as gauge of
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Basic Education Curriculum,
Assessment, and Corresponding ICT
Monograph ChapterMaria Hazelle Preclaro-Ongtengco 2019
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On Leveraging ICT Tools in the
Filipino K to 12 Classroom
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Monograph ChapterPurita Bilbao
Decentralization and
Teacher Professional Development in a Large Education System
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