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By Programs and Proceedings

Many of these publications have been grouped according to theme, and can be downloaded online

I. European Studies Program
  1. Track Two Diplomacy, Philippine Foreign Policy and Regional Politics
    By Carolina G. Hernandez
    92 pages   1994
  2. From Nation to Region: Simple Analytics of German Reunification
    By Emmanuel S. de Dios
    15 pages   1996
  3. A Few Notes on the Enhanced Role of the European Parliament in the European Union
    By Joseph Sedfrey S. Santiago
    33 pages   1995 

  4. The Philippines  and the European Community: Policy Issues and Directions
    By Emmanuel de Dios and Gonzalo Bongolan
    46 pages  1995

  5. Philippine Diplomacy: Meeting the Challenge of Development
    By Natalia Ma. Lourdes M. Morales
    161 pages 1995 

  6. European Union Development Assistance to the Year 2000 and Beyond: A Theoretical Approach
    By Alfredo C. Robles, Jr.
    53 pages  1996

II. Asia Pacific Studies
  1. Isles of Contention: The Philippines’ Claim to the Spratlys
    By Benito O. Lim, Armando Malay, Jr. and Edgardo E. Dagdag
    37 pages yr 1996
    Collection of papers presented during a roundtable discussion on the Kalayaan islands, sponsored by the UP Diliman Asian Center, the UP-CIDS, the UP Law Center, and the Department of Political Science and CSSP.
  2. Hong Kong In Deep Crisis
    By Eduardo C. Tadem
    50 pages yr 1998
    An up-to-date account and analysis of the impact of the Asian crisis on one of the region’s most active economies.

  3. Post-1998 Cambodia: From Jungle war politics to politics of accommodation?
    By Noel Mañago Morada

  4. Indonesia’s Interregnum
    Edited by Eduardo C. Tadem
    Presents analyses of Indonesia’s political and economic crises; includes proceedings of forums on Indonesian and East Timor problems.

  5. Human Rights and the Practice of Torture in Asia
    By June Pagaduan Lopez and Jo Winsyl V. Solidum
    Co-published with the Psychosocial Trauma and Human Rights Program

III. Education Research
  1. The Algebra of the Weaving Patterns, Gong Music and Kinship System of the Kankana-ey 
    By the Faculty of the Discipline of Mathematics, UP College Baguio
    This is a pioneering study on Philippine ethnomathematics, the mathematics of a people’s culture and community life. Focusing on certain features of the indigenous ways of the Kankane-ey of the Cordillera, the study shows that mathematics is concretely embedded and operative in their culture.
    141 pages  1996
  2. Rapid Community Assessment (RCA): A Pre-Implementation Strategy for Project Mobilization, Information Dissemination and Participatory Research (Vols 1 and 2)
    By Diego Quejada II et al.
    This study is a form of social research which seeks to identify the basic economic, civic-political, and sociocultural characteristics of communities targetted for nonformal education programs.
    213 pages  1996 Vols 1 & 2

  3. Studies on Functional Education and Literacy: A Handbook and User’s GuideBy the UP-ERP Research Team
    This Handbook and User’s Guide prepared by the UP-Education Research Program for the research dissemination conferences of the Philippine Nonformal Education Project contains the highlights, policy implications, and applications of eight research projects commissioned by the Bureau of NonFormal Education, Department of Education, Culture and Sports.
    453 pages  1996

  4. Taxonomies of Functional Literacy and Numeracy (Levels 1, 2 and 3) 
    By Flora G. Cruz et al.
    This study contains taxonomies at three levels which can be used as bases for curriculum and instructional materials development as well as for testing, evaluation, and equivalency of a nonformal program with the formal school program.
    147 pages  1996

  5. Creating Livelihood Opportunities 
    By Fe Revita-Arriola and Rachel M. Cabato
    This book provides a comprehensive program framework for livelihood development, in contrast to sporadic, piecemeal, and disjointed approaches that often result in costly failures.
    46 pages  1996 

  6. Reconstructing Educational Knowledge: Incorporating Community Knowledge in Functional Literacy Programs, Vols I and II 
    By Patricia B. Arinto
    The study involves a systematic documentation of traditional and popular knowledge in various Philippine communities using integrative curricular grids for ready use by teachers and curriculum planners.
    530 pages  1996  

  7. A Perspective of the Life and Death Cycle Among the Sama of Tawi-Tawi/dakayuh panganda’an ma libutan kaul’lum maka kamatay ma bowahan sama ma tawi-tawi 
    By Benjamin A. Han
    The book describes the rites of passage for individuals in an indigenous community by using the life-death cycle approach. (In English original, with Sama translation by the author)
    108 pages  1996  

  8. Efficiency and Resilience in the delivery of quality higher education in selected metro manila institutions 
    By Maria Luisa C. Doronila, Josefina Cortes, and Ferdinand Garrido
    An exploratory study on the subject of delivering quality education under conditions of scarcity
    83 pages  1994  

  9. Indigenous Learning Systems: Mountain Province
    By Wilfredo Alangui

  10. Exemplar Modules: An Inventory of Existing Literacy Materials
    By Eleanor Eme E. Hermosa et al

  11. Learning from Life: An Ethnographic Study of Functional Literacy in Marginal Philippine Communities
    With English and Filipino editions

    Volume 1: An Ethnographic Study of Functional Literacy in Fourteen Philippine Communites (Main Report)  By Maria Luisa C. Doronila and Jasmin Espiritu Acuña
    Volume 2: Abridged version of the main report  By Maria Luisa C. Doronila and Jasmin Espiritu Acuña
    Volume 3: Boheh Umos (Tawitawi) Site Report  By Benjamin Han
    Volume 4: Kala (Ifugao) Site Report  By Wilfredo Alangui, Lenora Fe Brawner,  Raymundo Rovillos
    Volume 5: Alaga and Galingan, Calinaw (Iloilo) Site Report  By Alicia P. Magos
    Volume 6: Rosa Refugee (Pampanga) Site Report  By Julian Abuso et al.
    Volume 7: Loob Resettlement (Zambales) Site Report  By Nestor Balmores et al.
    Volume 8: Taka (Lanao del Sur) Site Report  By Nagasura T. Madale
    Volume 9: Anatu (Maguindanao) Site Report  By Nagasura T. Madale
    Volume 10: Magdalena (Negros Occidental) Site Report  By Alicia P. Magos
    Volume 11: Magayon (Sorsogon) Site Report  By Eleanor Eme E. Hermosa
    Volume 12: Calamansi and Lapulapu (Mindoro Oriental)  Site Report  By Emma Santos-Castillo and Robert Ruda
    Volume 13: Palihan (Bulacan) Site Report  By Catalino T. Rivera Forthcoming: Filipino Edition
    Volume 14: Labasan and Martires (NCR) Site Report  By Jasmin Espiritu Acuña Forthcoming: Filipino Edition
    Volume 15: Inipon (Quezon) Site Report  By Florangel Rosario-Braid and Ramon R. Tuason
    Volume 16: Corona (Rizal) Site Report  By Florangel Rosario-Braid and Ramon R. Tuason

    • The Meaning of UP Education:  A preliminary evaluation of Knowledge Management, Attitude and Value Formation in UP Diliman Degree Programs 
      Edited by Maria Luisa C. Doronila and Lediviña V. Cariño

      Volume 1: Main Research Report  By Maria Luisa C. Doronila and Lediviña V. Cariño
      Volume 2:
      College of Public Administration Unit Report By Wilhelmina Cabo
      Volume 3: College of Home Economics Unit Report By Margarita de la Paz, Miriam Alcantara, Adelaida Mayo, Myrna Zamora, Marilou Lim, Al Purugganan
      Volume 4:
      School of Labor and Industrial Relations Unit Report By Virginia A. Teodosio
      Volume 5: UP Integrated School Unit Report  By Eleanor Eme E. Hermosa
      Volume 6: College of Social Sciences and Philosophy Unit Report  By Lynna Marie SyCip, Annadaisy J. Carlota, Maria Serena I. Diokno
      Volume 7: College of Business Administration Unit Report  By Elvira A. Zamora
      Volume 8: Asian Center Unit Report  By Carolyn Sobritchea and Juan Francisco
      Volume 9: College of Arts and Letters Unit Report  By Josefina Agravante
      Volume 10: College of Education Unit Report  By Nestor Balmores and Erlinda Camara

    IV. Biodiversity Conservation
    1. Amaranthaceae of the Philippines
      By Gilda C. Rivero
      66 pages yr 1996
      This taxonomic report on the Amaranthaceae (locally known as colites) is useful for lay people interested in using the plant species for medicine, food, and other purposes.
    2. Diversity of Spores in Philippine Ferns 
      By Cresencia C. Joaquin and Prescillano M. Zamora
      250 pages yr 1996

    3. Faunal Diversity in the Marine Coastal Zone 
      By Reynaldo M. de la Paz and Edgardo D. Gomez
      46 pages yr 1995

    4. Diversity of Flora in the Philippine Mangrove Ecosystems 
      By Prescillano M. Zamora
      92 pages yr 1995

    5. The Philippines  and the European Community: Policy Issues and Directions 
      By Emmanuel de Dios and Gonzalo Bongolan
      46 pages yr 1995 

    6. The Genus Syngramma in the Philippines 
      By Gilda C. Rivero and Prescillano M. Zamora
      53 pages yr 1995

    7. Urban Ferns and Fern Allies 
      By Prescillano Zamora

    V. Mindanao Studies
    1. Surat Maguindanaon
      Jawi Documentary Series, Vol 1
      By Samuel K. Tan, translated by Samier M. Bakuludan
      56 pages yr 1996
      The Jawi Documentary Series is a compilation of indigenous written material of the Muslim south written in the distinct form of writing locally known as jawi (jawa in Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia). As the only extant written indigenous literature of the Filipino Muslims, the Jawi materials are indispensable to historians seeking to correct the misinterpretation or distortions of Filipino Muslim History. This first volume of the series puts together 22 Maguindanaoan documents copied from originals in the archives.
    2. Annotated bibliography of Jawi Materials of the Muslim South
      By Samuel K. Tan
      48 pages yr 1996
      Jawi is a generic term covering correspondence and other forms of discourses which express personal opinions and sentiments or official policies and recommendations directly written by or scribed on behalf of individuals comprising the Sultanate hierarchy. The bulk of jawi sources located during the research is addressed to top ranking officials of succeeding colonial governments in the Muslim South.

    3. Annotated Bibliography of Maguindanaon, Tausug, and Yakan Studies 
      By Samier M. Bakuludan,
      Munap H. Hairulla, and
      Ermina K. Mariano
      57 pages yr 1996
      This bibliography of ethnic studies is a contribution to a meaningful approach to Mindanao’s history and culture.

    4. The Socioeconomic Dimension of Moro Secessionism 
      By Samuel K. Tan
      28 pages yr 1995 

    5. Mindanao and the East ASEAN Growth Area: Proceedings of the 1995 Seminar-Workshops in Western Minanao and the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao
      140 pages yr 1995

    6. A Review of Land Settlements in the Philippines 
      By Cayetano W. Paderanga, Jr.
      54 pages yr 1995 

    7. Islam in the Philippines (1995/No. 3) 
      By Samuel K. Tan and Julkipli Wadi
      20 pages yr 1995

    VI. Peace, Democratization, and Human Rights
    1. The Southern Philippines Council for Peace and Development: A Response to the Controversy
      Edited by Miriam Coronel-Ferrer
      122 pages / year 1996
      This publication puts together the reports of research teams of the Mindanao Studies and Peace, Conflict Resolution and Human Rights Programs convened to undertake the fast-track project on the Southern Philippines Council for Peace and Development (SPCPD).
    2. The Internal Refugees of Northeastern Luzon 
      By Jessica K. Cariño and Raymundo D. Rovillos
      41 pages  / year 1994 

    3. The 1986-1987 Peace Talks: A Reportage of Contention 
      By Ma. Serena I. Diokno
      164 pages  / year 1994

    4. . Protecting Ancestral Land Rights in the Cordillera 
      By Steven Rood
      39 pages  / year 1994

    5. The Quest for Justice: Obstacles to the Redress of Human Rights Violations in the Philippines 
      By Leonora C. Angeles
      129 pages  / year 1994 

    6. Peace Zones in the Philippines By Zosimo Lee and Ma. Cecilia Gastardo Conaco
      40 pages  / year 1994

    7. Resolusyon ng Tunggalian sa Kalikasan 
      By Miriam Coronel-Ferrer,
      Ruth Lusterio, and David Andrade
      100 pages  / year 1999

    8. Torture of Children In Situations of Armed Conflict: The Philippine Experience 
      By Elizabeth Protacio Marcelino, Ma. Teresa C. dela Cruz, Agnes Zenaida V. Camacho, Faye A.G. Balanon
      202 pages  / year 2000
      Using case studies, this book describes the use of torture among children in the Philippines; examines its impact; and assesses local and international efforts to protect and assist recovery of survivors.

      Occasional Papers

      1. Legal Dimensions of the Peace Process 
        By Alberto T. Muyot
        45 pages  / year 1996 
      2. Physicians and Torture: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices
        By June Pagaduan-Lopez et al.
        43 pages  / year 1995 

      3. Peace-Building and Mediation in the Philippines 
        By Miriam Coronel-Ferrer
        51 pages  / year 1994

      4. Reflections on the Peace Process 
        By Ed Garcia
        37 pages  / year 1994

      5. ASEAN Perspectives on Human Rights and Democracy in International Relations 
        By Carolina G. Hernandez
        32 pages  / year 1995 

      6. . Amnesty in the Philippines: The Legal Concept as a Political Tool 
        By Alberto T. Muyot
        56 pages  / year 1994 

      7. The View Towards Peace of Filipinos 
        By Ma. Serena I. Diokno
        27 pages  / year 1994




      VII. Other Book Projects
      1. Bukidnon Myths and Rituals
        By Carmen Ch. Unabia
        A vivid and detailed description of the belief systems as seen in the various myths and rituals that the Bukidnons practice.
      2. Pressures of Urbanization: Flood and Drainage Control in Metro Manila
        Edited by Leonardo Liongson, Guillermo Tabios, and Peter Castro
        Focuses on the structural, institutional, and cultural issues related to flooding and flood control in Metro Manila; includes a historical background of the perennial flooding problem.

      3. Child Abuse: Literature Review and Annotated Bibliography
        By Elizabeth Protacio Marcelino, Ma. Teresa C. de la Cruz, Faye A.G. Balanon, Agnes Z.V. Camacho, Jay Yacat
        Lists relevant materials from foreign and local sources published from 1976 to 1997.

      4. Jesuit Missionary Letters from Mindanao, Vols 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 
        Edited, translated, and annotated by Jose S. Arcilla, S.J.
        In the 1500s, Jesuit missionaries were enjoined to write about their missions

        —“…how long are the days of summer or winter, if shadows fall on the left or on the right… if there are other seemingly curious things, like unknown plants and animals, of what size, etc. This…can come either in the letters or separately. “ 
        Letter of St. Ignatius Loyola to Fr. Gaspar Barceo,
        Rome, 24 February 1554.

      5. Resource Recovery and Re-use: Strategies, Initiatives, Policy Issues 
        By Ma. Lourdes Rebullida
        The volume presents the alternative resource recovery paradigm in environmental solid waste management for sustainable development and its implications for policy and people’s action.

      6. Torture of Children in Situations of Armed Conflict: The Philippine Experience
        By Elizabeth Protacio Marcelino, Ma. Teresa C. dela Cruz, Agnes Zenaida V. Camacho, Faye A.G. Balanon
        Using case studies, this book describes the use of torture among children in the Philippines; examines its impact; and assesses local and international efforts to protect and assist recovery of survivors.
        202 pages  2000

      VIII. State of the Nation
      1. Saving the Present for the Future: The State of the Environment
        By Percy Sajise et al.
        64 pages ? 1992. Reprinted 1994.
      2. Primary Health Care in the Philippines 
        By Arturo M. Pesigan, Ruben N. Caragay, Marilyn Lorenzo, and Victoria A. Bautista
        44 pages ? 1992. Reprinted 1995.

      3. The Philippine Congress: Executive-Legislative Relations and the Restoration of Democracy 
        By Olivia C. Caoili
        38 pages ? 1993
      4. Philippine Science and Technology: Time for Bold Moves 
        By Virginia S. Cariño
        48 pages ? 1993
        Philippine Industrialization and Industrial Relations By Rene E. Ofreneo
        56 pages ? 1994

      5. Management Control in Chinese-Filipino Business Enterprises 
        By Emerlinda R. Roman, Erlinda S. Echanis, Ernesto P. Pineda, Rafael A. Rodriguez, and Ma. Teresa M. Sicat
        121 pages ? 1996
      6. Issues and Concerns of Overseas Filipinos: An Assessment of the Philippine Government?s Response 
        By Elena Samonte et al.
        320 pages ? 1995
      7. Views on the Parliamentary versus Presidential Government 
        By Olivia C. Caoili, et al.
        47 pages ? 1994
      8. The Politicization of the Military 
        By Felipe B. Miranda
        17 pages ? 1992. Reprinted 1995.
      9. Devolution and Empowerment: The Local Government Code of 1991 and Local Autonomy in the Philippines 
        By Proserpina D. Tapales
        32 pages ? 1993
      10. Imperatives for Sustainable Industrialization 
        By V. Bruce J. Tolentino
        28 pages ? 1993
      11. The Filipino Elderly
        By Lita J. Domingo, Belen T. Medinaand Ma. Fe A. Domingo
        69 pages ? 1994
      12. Philippine Privatization: Experience, Issues and Lessons 
        By Epictetus E. Patalinghug
        23 pages ? 1996
      13. The State of the Philippine Environment 
        By Percy Sajise et al.
        338 pages ? 1996
      14. The Filipino Child: A Health Situationer 
        By Perla Santos Ocampo et al.
        145 pages ? 1994

      15. Policy Issues, Responses and Constituencies: State-Civil Society Relations in Policy-Making  
        By the Third World Studies Center
        175 pages ? 1994

        Occasional Papers

        1. Reconceptualizing Giftedness in the Philippines 
          By Erlinda F. Camara
          52 pages ? 1995
        2. Indigenous Coastal Resource Management: The Case of Mataw Fishing in Batanes 
          By Maria F. Mangahas
          86 pages ? 1994
        3. The Meaning & Measurement of WellBeing: A Review of the Research Literature 
          By Lynna Marie Y. SyCip, Maruja M.B. Asis, and Emmanuel M. Luna
          72 pages ? 1993
        4. Area-Based Child Survival and Development Program: An Experiment in Devolution 
          By Victoria A. Bautista
          92 pages ? 1994

        Monograph Series
        1. The Philippine Financial Services Industry: Prospects and Challenges in the Next Decade 
          Edited by Rafael Rodriguez
          73 pages ? 1995
        2. Where Food and Population Meet: The Filipino Household Among Other Households 
          By Gelia T. Castillo
          87 pages ? 1993
        3. Philippine Education: Promise and Performance
          Edited by Priscila S. Manalang
          216 pages ? 1992
        4. Towards Economic Alternatives for the Baselands: A Preliminary Study 
          By the U.P. Research Team, UP-CIDS
          92 pages ? 1989
        5. Presidential Leadership and Cory Aquino
          Edited by Belinda A. Aquino
          72 pages ? 1989
        6. Administration of Justice in the Philippines
          Edited by Belinda A. Aquino
          67 pages ? 1994
        7. National Identity and Social Change
          By Ma. Luisa C. Doronila
          115 pages ? 1992
        8. The Failed December Coup: View From the U.P. Community 
          Edited by Belinda A. Aquino
          101 pages ? 1989
        9. A Study of Alternative Uses of Military Baselands for Sustainable Development Part I: A Review of the “Integrated Bases Conversion Plan”
          By Leonardo Mariano
          35 pages ? 1988
      IX. Conference Proceedings
        Contains an account of the first Kadatuan conference held
        May 30-31, 1997 in Zamboanga City, papers on the different datuships in Western Mindanao, summaries of discussions in the workshops, and a directory of participants.
        101 pages – 1998
        Edited by Luis Teodoro and Paulynn P. Sicam
        Based on the proceedings of the International Workshop on Therapy and Research Issues organized by June Pagaduan Lopez and Elizabeth Protacio Marcelino. This publication provides a rare glimpse of the complex theoretical, conceptual, and emotional issues facing torture victims and lay workers.
        357 pages – 1995

        By the Psychosocial Trauma Program
        Contains the proceedings of the international seminar on Medical Ethics, Torture, and Rehabilitation held from October 2 to 5, 1996, in Bangkok, Thailand.
        311 pages – 1996

        Proceedings of the 1995 Seminar – Workshops in Western Mindanao and the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao.
        140 pages – 1995

        Edited by Carolina G. Hernandez and Werner Pfennig
        Co-published with the National Institute for Policy Studies and the Friedrich Neumannn Foundation
        242 pages – 1991

        Edited by Carolina G. Hernandez, Winifreda Evangelista, and Edgardo Maranan
        112 pages – 1987