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Advisory Council

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Advisory Council Functions:

1. Provide inputs to the Executive Director with regards to the CIDS 5-year strategic Plans.
2. Assist the Executive Director in the Conduct of a regular review of Current Initiatives and/or proposal for new research initiatives consistent with the 2000 and 2005 recommendation “to focus on few programs revolving around urgent national policy questions” as guide.
3. Provide advise on CIDS general policies and operations especially on the grants and awards programs.
4. May enhance CIDS operations by providing additional specialized expertise on various policy areas CIDS seeks to undertake within the context of its 2011 framework.
5. Assist the executive Director in the Development and Implementation of Periodic Policy for a to identify areas where policies have to be formulated, developed or enhanced.
6. Assist the Executive Director in determining themes for the Public Policy journal that should be published bi-annually.