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1994 – 1997

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Ricardo Babaran and Jose Ingles Co-published with the UP Press
Provides baseline information on the coastal marine habitats of Guimaras province in the Western Visayas region, especially on the state of the coastal waters off Guimaras, the state of the coral reefs, mangrove swamps and seagrass beds. Also includes recommendations for the sustainable development of coastal resources. 249 page 1997 . P300

FAUNAL DIVERSITY IN THE MARINE COASTAL ZONEBy Reynaldo M. de la Paz and Edgardo D. Gomez Published by UP-CIDS in cooperation with the Haribon Foundation
Provides a comprehensive overview of the faunal diversity in the marine coastal zones, the sources of degeneration of our marine resources, the prevailing threats, and the endangered species. It also identifies existing conservation measures and some of the research gaps our scientists have yet to fill. 46 pages . 1995 . P55

By Maria F. Mangabas Published by UP-CIDSDocuments the organization of a traditional fishing cooperative in Batanes. Focuses on the regulation of access to fishing grounds, the manner of distributing the catch, and the effects of modernization on the traditional organization and world view of fisherfolk. Proposes the formal designation of its members as resource managers and their incorporation into the provincial resource management framework. 56 pages . 1994 . P55
By Percy Sajise, et al.
This research report contains baseline assessments of the state of the environment and resources development in the Philippines by a multidisciplinary team. It includes Percy E. Sajise, Nenita E. Tapay, Enrique E. Pacardo, Nicomedes D. Briones, and Macrina T. Zafaralla from UPLB; Rosario D. Jimenez, Edgardo E. Gomez, Prescillano M. Zamora, Miguel D. Fortes, and Imelda Zosa Feranil from UP Diliman. Six primary and interconnected and interrelated ecosystems were examined: forest, marginal land, cropland, urban, freshwater, and marine and coastal. The impact of population pressure on the utilization, development and carrying capacity of various environmental systems were also discussed. Management strategies as well as policy and research recommendations for sustainable development are presented. This research report is a full-length version of Saving the Present for the Future: The State of the Environment (State of the Nation Reports No.1) which was published in 1992 and reprinted in 1994. 338 pages . 1996 . P350


Landlords and Capitalists: Class, Family and State in Philippine Manufacturing
By Temario Rivera
Co-published with the UP Press

Recipient of the National Academy of Science and Technology’s 1996 Outstanding Publication Award and the Manila Critics Circle’s 1997 National Book Award
“…presents a systematic interpretation of the social and political basis for the failure of Philippine industrialization”
– E. de Dios
168 pages  1994
Pinatubo and the Politics of Lahar
Pinatubo and the Politics of Lahar
By Kelvin S. Rodolfo
Co-published with the UP Press

Received the National Book Award for 1996

“Written from the perspective of a scientist committed to saving lives and minimizing damage in the areas threatened by lahar, this book is an insider’s personal account of the events, decisions, travails, and high points of the Mt. Pinatubo disaster in 1991.”
– C. Bautista
341 pages  1995

Mga Tinig Mula sa Ibaba: Kasaysayan ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas at Partido Sosyalista ng Pilipinas Sa Awit, 1930-1955
Ni Teresita G. Maceda
Inilathala kasama ng UP Press

Nakatanggap ng Gawad Tsanselor bilang Best Publication ng 1997

Ang librong ito ay pagbibigay-tinig sa mga piniping bahagi ng kasaysayan ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas at Partido Sosyalista ng Pilipinas at ng mga kilusang Hukbalahap at Hukbong Mapagpalaya ng Bayan.

The book reconstructs revolutionary history from below, using songs as historical texts.

530 pages 1996

Landscapes of Literacy
By Ma. Luisa C. Doronila

Received the 1994 UNESCO International Award for Literacy Research
Published by UNESCO, the international edition of Learning from Life Volume I synthesizes research findings from 14 sites. It argues that the concepts of literacy and numeracy cannot be viewed apart from their social and cultural settings. A richly fascinating ethnographic study, it has important implications for the design of community literacy programs. (The Filipino version of the book will be published by the UP Press)
168 pages  1994

Cognitive Consequences of Literacy
By Allan B.I. Bernardo, et al.

Recipient of the 1996 UNESCO International Award for Literacy Research
First of an eight-volume series on functional education and literacy, the book emphasizes the need to create literate communities where literate practices are integrated with community life and activities in order to realize the full impact of literacy on the way people think about their lives. (With a forthcoming international edition to be published by UNESCO)
146 pages  1995


The Philippines in the Emerging World Environment: Globalization at a Glance
Cayetano W. Paderanga Jr.
Co-published with the UP Press

This volume explores the Philippines’ place in the emerging world order and tackles issues like market reform, regionalism, prospects of the service, agriculture, and other sectors in the economy, global free trade and technology, IPR, and others
491 pages  1996  P750

Population, Human Resources and Development 1994 
Edited by Alejandro N. Herrin

VOL. 1

  • Part I Overview
  • Part II Demographic Trends: Review and Update

VOL. 2

  • Part III  Human Resource Development Trends: Nutrition and Education
  • Part IV Economic and Social Impact ofDemographic Trends

VOL. 3

  • Part V Economic and Social Well-being  of Specific Population Groups
  • Part VI  Population Policy and Coverage of Population, Health and Nutrition Programs

Beyond the Cult of Dissidence in Southern Philippines and War-torn Zones
in the Global Village

By Arnold Azurin
Co-published with the UP Press
One of the few works that provide a multidisciplinary perspective into the Bangsamoro struggle
“A central insight in this book is that ‘dissidence in this region is a multiheaded monster with various stripes and masks. The activities of antigovernment and antisocial armed bands may be spurred by politicians and their groups in military uniform as much as by rebellious sectors in the community, which may be either Muslim or Christian.”
– Public Policy
360 pages  1996

Toward a Diplomatic
History of the Philippines

By Bonifacio S. Salamanca
Co-published with the CSSP Publications
and the UP Press

Contains instructive studies on Philippine experiences in diplomacy, notably those dealing with the Philippine war-damage claims, the negotiations on the US military bases, the negotiation and the termination of the 1947 RP-US Military Bases Agreement, SEAMEO, and Asian regionalism
247 pages  1995

Recipes for Healing: Gender-Sensitive Care for Women Survivors of Torture
By Elizabeth Protacio Marcelino,
Ma. Teresa C. de la Cruz,
Agnes Z.V. Camacho,
Faye A.G. Balanon

“Using case studies, this book describes the use of torture among children in the Philippines; examines its impact; and assesses local and international efforts to protect and assist recovery of survivors.