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European Studies

Monographs, Research Reports, Occasional Papers

Track Two Diplomacy, Philippine Foreign Policy and Regional Politics
By Carolina G. Hernandez
92 pages   1994
From Nation to Region: Simple Analytics of German Reunification
By Emmanuel S. de Dios
15 pages   1996 


A Few Notes on the Enhanced Role of the European Parliament in the European Union
By Joseph Sedfrey S. Santiago
33 pages   1995  


The Philippines  and the European Community: Policy Issues and Directions
By Emmanuel de Dios and Gonzalo Bongolan
46 pages  1995 


Philippine Diplomacy: Meeting the Challenge of Development
By Natalia Ma. Lourdes M. Morales
161 pages 1995  


European Union Development Assistance to the Year 2000 and Beyond: A Theoretical Approach
By Alfredo C. Robles, Jr.
53 pages  1996


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