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Peace, Democratization and Human Rights Program

The Southern Philippines Council for Peace and Development: A Response to the Controversy
Edited by Miriam Coronel-Ferrer
122 pages / year 1996

This publication puts together the reports of research teams of the Mindanao Studies and Peace, Conflict Resolution and Human Rights Programs convened to undertake the fast-track project on the Southern Philippines Council for Peace and Development (SPCPD).

 The Internal Refugees of Northeastern Luzon 
By Jessica K. Cariño and Raymundo D. Rovillos
41 pages  / year 1994 


 The 1986-1987 Peace Talks: A Reportage of Contention 
By Ma. Serena I. Diokno
164 pages  / year 1994


 Protecting Ancestral Land Rights in the Cordillera 
By Steven Rood
39 pages  / year 1994 


 The Quest for Justice: Obstacles to the Redress of Human Rights Violations in the Philippines 
By Leonora C. Angeles
129 pages  / year 1994 


 Peace Zones in the Philippines By Zosimo Lee and Ma. Cecilia Gastardo Conaco
40 pages  / year 1994 


 Resolusyon ng Tunggalian sa Kalikasan 
By Miriam Coronel-Ferrer,
Ruth Lusterio, and David Andrade
100 pages  / year 1999


 Torture of Children In Situations of Armed Conflict: The Philippine Experience 
By Elizabeth Protacio Marcelino, Ma. Teresa C. dela Cruz, Agnes Zenaida V. Camacho, Faye A.G. Balanon
202 pages  / year 2000

Using case studies, this book describes the use of torture among children in the Philippines; examines its impact; and assesses local and international efforts to protect and assist recovery of survivors.

Occasional Papers

 Legal Dimensions of the Peace Process 
By Alberto T. Muyot
45 pages  / year 1996 


 Physicians and Torture: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices
By June Pagaduan-Lopez et al.
43 pages  / year 1995 


 Peace-Building and Mediation in the Philippines 
By Miriam Coronel-Ferrer
51 pages  / year 1994


 Reflections on the Peace Process 
By Ed Garcia
37 pages  / year 1994


 ASEAN Perspectives on Human Rights and Democracy in International Relations 
By Carolina G. Hernandez
32 pages  / year 1995 


 Amnesty in the Philippines: The Legal Concept as a Political Tool 
By Alberto T. Muyot
56 pages  / year 1994 


 The View Towards Peace of Filipinos 
By Ma. Serena I. Diokno
27 pages  / year 1994

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