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Publications for the May 31, 2000 Booklaunching

Bukidnon Myths and Rituals
By Carmen Ch. Unabia

A vivid and detailed description of the belief systems as seen in the various myths and rituals that the Bukidnons practice.

 Pressures of Urbanization: Flood and Drainage Control in Metro Manila
Edited by Leonardo Liongson, Guillermo Tabios, and Peter Castro

Focuses on the structural, institutional, and cultural issues related to flooding and flood control in Metro Manila; includes a historical background of the perennial flooding problem.

 Child Abuse: Literature Review and Annotated Bibliography
By Elizabeth Protacio Marcelino, Ma. Teresa C. de la Cruz, Faye A.G. Balanon, Agnes Z.V. Camacho, Jay Yacat

Lists relevant materials from foreign and local sources published from 1976 to 1997.

 Jesuit Missionary Letters from Mindanao, Vols 1, 2 & 4 
Edited, translated, and annotated by Jose S. Arcilla, S.J.

In the 1500s, Jesuit missionaries were enjoined to write about their missions

“…how long are the days of summer or winter, if shadows fall on the left or on the right… if there are other seemingly curious things, like unknown plants and animals, of what size, etc. This…can come either in the letters or separately. “ 

Letter of St. Ignatius Loyola to Fr. Gaspar Barceo,
Rome, 24 February 1554.
 Resource Recovery and Re-use: Strategies, Initiatives, Policy Issues 
By Ma. Lourdes Rebullida

The volume presents the alternative resource recovery paradigm in environmental solid waste management for sustainable development and its implications for policy and people’s action.

 Indonesia’s Interregnum
Edited by Eduardo C. Tadem

Presents analyses of Indonesia’s political and economic crises; includes proceedings of forums on Indonesian and East Timor problems.


 Torture of Children in Situations of Armed Conflict: The Philippine Experience
By Elizabeth Protacio Marcelino, Ma. Teresa C. dela Cruz, Agnes Zenaida V. Camacho, Faye A.G. Balanon

Using case studies, this book describes the use of torture among children in the Philippines; examines its impact; and assesses local and international efforts to protect and assist recovery of survivors.

202 pages  2000

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