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Health Migration for OFWs after COVID-19: Katipunan Dialogue Podcast, Episode 12

Check out the newest episode of the Katipunan Dialogue Podcast: Episode 12: Health Migration for OFWs after COVID-19!

Migration is an evolving global phenomenon and is increasingly considered as a social determinant of health. The COVID-19 virus is essentially unbiased; however, migrants’ exposure to infection and other health risks is greater due to existing disparities and inequities, which have been in place long before the pandemic. In this week’s podcast, we talk about the interconnected nature of international migration and health, with specific focus on the experiences of Overseas Filipino Workers. We ask in this episode, how did the pandemic impact migrant health, and what challenges and opportunities should we look into with respect to health migration of OFWs after COVID-19?

Dr. Renzo R. Guinto
Chief Planetary Health Scientist
Sunway Center for Planetary Health

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