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Marxist movements and radical criticism of PH romcoms tackled in 3rd Marx bicentennial lecture

On 14 June 2018, the UP Center for Integrative and Development Studies (UP CIDS) Program on Alternative Development (AltDev), in partnership with The Socialist Circle, organized the third lecture in the Marx Bicentennial Lecture Series held at the UP CIDS Conference Hall. Prof. Armando “Badi” Malay, Jr., Ph.D., former Dean and retired Professor of the UP Asian Center (UP AC), and Mr. Janus Nolasco, Managing Editor of Asian Studies: Critical Perspectives on Asia delivered the lectures for this installment.
To formally open the event, Prof. Eduardo C. Tadem, Ph.D., Convenor of the Program on Alternative Development and retired Professor of Asian Studies, welcomed the participants and gave the opening remarks. Prof. Maria Dulce F. Natividad, Ph.D. of the UP Asian Center served as the moderator of the lecture-forum.

Dr. Malay presented a paper entitled “1968 Revisited: Paris/Prague/Vietnam/Philippines,” which features his assessment on the different Marxist movements in Paris, Prague, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Citing Czech philosopher Ivan Svitak, Dr. Malay drew a comparison on the development of Marxism in Europe and in Asia.
Mr. Nolasco discussed his paper entitled “The Blindspots of Radical Criticism: Alternative Readings of Filipino Popular Culture.” Using a complementary approach, he argued that some forms of Filipino popular culture, particularly Philippine romantic comedy films, can also serve as a medium in critically engaging the people.

After the lecture, an open forum was held where members of the audience were able to ask questions and gain further insights from the speakers. To formally conclude the event, Prof. Natividad summarized the discussion and thanked the audience for their participation in the lecture.

The Marx Bicentennial Lecture Series is a year-long event that aims to commemorate the enduring global influence, impact, and relevance of the works of the well-known German philosopher Karl Marx on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of his birth.

(Write-up by Nathaniel Candelaria of the UP CIDS Program on Alternative Development)