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Philippine Public Policy in a Time of Pandemic: Confronting the COVID-19 Challenge


Education Research Program, Program on Higher Education, Data Science for Public Policy, Program on Alternative Development, Escaping the Middle-Income Trap, Program on Social and Political Change, Strategic Studies Program, Program on Health Systems Development, Assessment Curriculum Technology and Research Center, Political Economy Program, Decolonial Studies Program


2718-9309 (online)


The proceedings of these webinar series summarizes the research of UP CIDS Programs on how governments and civil society organizations in the Philippines and Asia have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and what else can be done moving forward. These initiatives and recommendations pertain to:

  • The role of the social sciences and universities
  • Promotion of social enterprises
  • The initiatives of indigenous communities
  • Healthcare programs among stateless peoples
  • Alternative development practices from civil society organizations
  • Inclusive growth, social protection and labor market policies
  • Impact of the pandemic on democracy and constitutional performance
  • Global health and information systems governance
  • Educational policies and skills development