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Program on Data Science for Public Policy

Convenor: Fidel R. Nemenzo, D.Sc.
Co-Convenor: Jalton G. Taguibao, Ph.D.


Data science can help understand some of the country’s most vexing problems in the public sector, especially when information is available. Nearly all aspects of governance operate using complex systems made up of networks of interrelated, interdependent, and multicontextual factors. The most innovative tools of data science and analytics have opened up new possibilities for empirical examination of social problems best studied within the complex systems framework.
The Program is a series of research projects and inter-constituent unit (CU) research engagement activities for various agendas of national public policy. It generally seeks to build capacity and craft research agenda towards applied data science analytics through complex systems frameworks.


The Program aims to build capacity of UP faculty in complex systems and applied data science work. In relation to this, the Program endeavors to maintain a community of faculty and enable them to do interdisciplinary problem-oriented research using high-level quantitative analyses. Other objectives include organizing multidisciplinary teams with social scientists, humanists, and scientists to conduct research on issues in the public sector.


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