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Marine Affairs Program (MAP)

1. Territorial Issues
The University is at the cutting-edge of policy research on the problems and issues arising out of the configuration of our laws and policies on the Philippine National Territory. To this end, the MAP places first priority on the engagement of research studies and activities intended to enhance our country’s capabilities to address our territorial problems, pursue and protect our interests in our territory and the resources therein, and provide guidance and advice to government on this matter.
2. The specific projects currently contemplated are the following:
a) MAP, jointly with other UP institutions/programs

  • Maritime Trade and History
  • Maritime Zone Mapping
  • Workshop of Judges, Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Agencies on the Protection of the National Territory
  • Workshop on the Consent Regime for Marine Scientific Research
  • Workshop on International Fisheries Negotiation

b) MAP jointly with the UP-CIDS Asia Pacific Program

  • Recommendations for a Philippine Policy on the South China Sea
  • Kalayaan Island Group Workshop Series

3. Maritime Law and History Book Series
There are a few Philippine publications on maritime law and maritime history. Many of the problems and issues related to the national territory arise out of the maritime aspects of the Philippine archipelago, thus it is only proper that more studies and publications are encouraged on our maritime heritage. The specific publications currently contemplated are:

  • The Philippines and the Law of the Sea
  • Coastal and Marine Law and Policy
  • A History of Filipino Seafaring and Shipping
  • The Maritime Trade History of the Philippines

4. Coastal Resource Management Studies
The Philippines is heavily dependent on coastal resources to support its population. Many studies are being undertaken in this field by institutions and non-governmental organizations; however, most of these activities are specific area-based projects that need a venue for translation into broader policies. The development of Coastal Resource Management as a vibrant field of policy planning and in the academe is an activity vital to the survival of the nation. Currently, two proposals have been submitted under this heading:

  • Migration in Coastal Communities
  • Coastal Resource Management Resource Pool

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