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Asia Pacific Studies Program (APSP)

he APSP is one of the newest programs of UP-CIDS having been launched only in August 1998. It is a policy-oriented multidisciplinary research program that focuses on contemporary issues and trends in the Asia Pacific region and how these affects the Philippines. The APSP also strives to develop country specialists for the Asia Pacific region with a multidisciplinary perspective. At the same time it will also be issue-oriented focusing on themes and concerns that are common to certain regions.
For 1998-1999, APSP produced two monographs and will have two other monographs for this year. For 1999-2000, the following book projects are envisioned:

  • “Post-Suharto: The First Year,”
  • “The State of the Art Resources on Contemporary Asia in the Philippines,” and
  • “The Individual and Society in Asia-Pacific in the Age of Globalization.”


Published works of the Asia Pacific Studies Program