Decolonial Studies Program

Decolonial Studies

Marie Aubrey J. Villaceran, PhD
UP College of Arts and Letters

Frances Antoinette C. Cruz
UP College of Arts and Letters


The Decolonial Studies Program focuses on five different dimensions of colon
iality/modernity that continue to impact institutions in the Global South in ways
that often hinder them from achieving their liberating potential: religion, law,
English Studies, European Studies, and Southeast Asian Studies. The program
does not intend to limit itself to area studies and seeks to involve comparative
cross-disciplinary analyses in various Global South regions.


It seeks to interrogate colon iality and will involve identifying aspects of Western
modernity in postcolonial states and involves a critical engagement with colonial-
era texts, collective memory, and the use of both colonial and local languages.

2019 Schedule Of Events

  • Seven Roundtable Discussions will be organized
  • Holds a World Expert Lecture (with UP OIL)