Decolonial Studies Program

Decolonial Studies

Marie Aubrey J. Villaceran, PhD
UP College of Arts and Letters

Frances Antoinette C. Cruz
UP College of Arts and Letters


The term modernity/coloniality (Quijano 2007; Mignolo 2007) is often used with reference to continuing and often deleterious processes, conditions, and attitudes brought about by the colonial period that, Quijano and Mignolo argue, is inextricably linked to the epistemology of modernity. The Decolonial Studies Program (DSP) focuses on the varying dimensions of coloniality/modernity that continue to impact Global South societies and hinder their institutions from achieving their liberating potential.


  • To interrogate coloniality by identifying aspects of Western modernity in postcolonial states and to critically engage with colonial-era texts, collective memory, and the use of both colonial and local languages.
  • To strike a conversation with researchers who have done significant studies in their field to share best practices, challenges, and their vision for ethical decolonial research with the aim of producing a curriculum on decoloniality.
  • To highlight and explore local ways of knowing and to collaborate with folk and indigenous leaders, individuals, and groups.