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2001 – 2002

Public Policy 2001 Issue

VOL5 NO.1 2001

  • Corruption in the Philippines : Framework and Context / Emmanuel S De Dios
    and Ricardo D Ferrer
  • The Industrial Anatomy of Corruption : Government Procurement, Bidding
    and Award of Contracts / Amando M Mendoza Jr.
  • Tender Mercies: Contracts, Concessions and Privatization / Marie Antoinette G
    Virtucio and Melchor P Lalunio
  • Corruption and Weak Markets: The BW Resources Stock Market Scam /
    Clarence Pascual and Joseph Lim

VOL5 NO.2 2001


  • Integrating Gender Concerns in Anti-Poverty Strategies / Rosalinda Pineda-Ofreneo and Ma. Lourdes Acosta
  • The Impact of Structural Adjustment Programs (SAPs) on Health in the
    Philippines / Nymia Pimentel Simbulan
  • What Ails the Philippine Minerals Industry ? / Victor B Maglambayan
  • Challenges to Sustaining Primary Health Care in the Philippines / Victoria A Bautista

Public Policy 2002 Issue

VOL6 NO.1 2002

  • Effective Screening for Diseases Among Apparently Healthy Filipinos: A Need
    for Philippine Guidelines on Periodic Health Examinations (PHEX) /
    Dante D Morales, Antonio Miguel L Dans, Felix Eduardo R Punzalan and Mario R Festin
  • The Mandatory Death Penalty for Perpetrators of Incestuous Rape: The Point
    of View of Child Survivors / Bernadette J Madrid and Mariella Sugue-Castillo
  • Assessment of the Effectiveness of Medical and Surgical Missions in the
    Philippines / Juan Pablo Nanagas, Oscar Picazo, Bienvenido Alano and Emelina Almario
  • An Assesment of the DOH Procurement System / Jaime Z Galvez Tan, Eireen
    B Villa, Pedrito B dela Cruz and Carlo Taparan

VOL6 NO.2 2002


  • Doing Good and Being Good : Aspects of Development NGO Governance in the
    Philippines Fernando T Aldaba
  • Giving and Volunteering among Filipinos / Ramon L Fernan III
  • Struggling for Sustainability / Isagani R Serrano
  • Non-Governmental Organizations and Advocacy : Lessons and Prescriptions
    for Policy Change / Edna EA Co
  • Afterwords : NGOs Face Bigger Challenges / Filomeno S Sta Ana III

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