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2003 – 2004

Public Policy 2003 Issue

VOL7 NO.1 2003

  • The Party List Path to a Broadened Philippine Democracy / Ramon C. Casiple
  • Official Development Assistance to the Philippines : Can it be Reformed ? / Eduardo C Tadem
  • Legitimizing the Illegitimate: Disregarding the Rule of Law in Estrada v.
    Desierto and Estrada v. Macapagal Arroyo / Sabrina M Querubin, Ana Rhia T
    Muhi and Charisse F Ginzales Olalia

VOL7 NO.2 2003


  • Democratic Survivability and the Parliamentary Critique of the Presidential Form of Government
    in the Philippines / Crisline G Torres
  • Multiple Constituencies, Bureaucratic Efficiency and Rational Choice in Public
    Sector Management / Niceto S Poblador
  • Mix of Resources in Seven Devolved Antique Hospitals and their Corresponding
    Output/Outcome Indicators, 1998-2002: Policy Implications /
    Fernando M Sison and Feman Rene M Autajay
  • Mainstreaming the Rights-Based Approach in HIV/AIDS Prevention: Learning Experiences from the Philippines / Nymia Pimentel Simbulan


Public Policy 2004 Issue

VOL8 NO.1 2004

  • Decentralization Imperatives: Lessons from Some Asian Countries / Alex Brillantes Jr.
  • Stakeholder Theory, Corporate Responsibility and the Ethnics of Managerial
    Conduct / Niceto S Poblador
  • Klong Dan Villagers Challenge the Thai State: The Case of the ADB Samut
    Prakarn Wastewater Treatment Project / Teresa Encaracion Tadem
  • Covering Terror in the Philippine Press/ Ma Cristina Imperial Rara

VOL8 NO.2 July – December 2004

  • A Study of the Public Education Domain of the Philiipine Mental Health
    Association(1996-2002) / Agnes Rosario A de Leon
  • How Community Based Research Influences National Policy on Water
    Management in the Philippines / Agnes C Rola, Jennifer P T Liguton, and Dulce D Lazegui
  • Development-Induced Displacement, Resettlement Experiences and
    Improvement and Marginalization in Pagbilao, Quezon and San Manuel, Pangasinan / Doracie B Zoleta-Nantes

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