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2005 – 2006

Public Policy 2005 Issue

VOL9 NO.2 July – December 2005


  • The Creation of Child-Friendly Local Communities Through Local Codes on
    Children: An Analysis of LCCs in Selected Provinces and Cities in the
    Philippines / J Prospero E de Vera
  • A Case of Public and Private Partnership in TB Control / Joseph J Capuno
    and Carlos Antonio R Tan
  • The Philippine Legislative Policy Affecting HIV/AIDS: An Assessment of the
    Effectivity of R.A. 8504 / Rudyard A Avila III

Public Policy 2006 Issue

VOL10 NO.1 January – June 2006

  • Trade and Health : A Policy Paper / Aleli D Kraft
  • A Policy Paper on the Health Implications of Labor Migration from the Philippines / Jeorge V Tigno
  • Biological and Chemical Threats to Public Health and Safety in the Philippines / Jonathan L Salvacion
  • Strengthening Civil Society Participation in Health Development: Mapping Out
    Civil Society Engagements on Health and Development Issues / Dennis B Batangan
  • The Philippine Commitment to Primary Health Care: Policy Directions
    / Ma. Lourdes G Rebullida

VOL10 NO.2 July-December 2006

  • The Scandal of the Speaking Judge(Decision-Making as Performance) / Florin T Hilbay
  • The Rhetoric of Accountability in Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s Sate of the
    Nation Addresses(2001-2005) / Gene S Navera
  • The Child Witness and the Law: The Truth (And Nothing But) / Elita Joy G
    Pinga and Anna Victoria M Veloso
  • Say It Isn’t Sex: The Politics of Sex Education in the Philippines
    / Carolina S Ruiz-Austria

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