Public Policy Journal Volumes 12 and 13

The University of the Philippines Center for Integrative and Development Studies (UP CIDS) has released the latest issue of its Public Policy Journal (PPJ), an academic publication which features key research projects conducted by faculty members across the UP system.

This edition of the PPJ is a double volume containing articles on a range of issues, including governance, security and foreign relations, poverty reduction, energy, and disaster risk management.

 To download the file:  click the pop out icon, a new window(google drive) will open. Click the arrow icon on top of the page to download/save.

The PPJ was launched in 1997 by then UP President Emil Javier to serve as one of the university’s contributions to public policy discourse from a multidisciplinary perspective. Publication of the journal was halted from 2007 to 2013, but will now be published twice a year.