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UPdate on PNoy


The University of the Philippines Center for Integrative and Development Studies (UP CIDS), a UP system-wide center, has a tradition of putting out the “State of the Nation” as part of its mandate as an integrative and development research unit of the university.
The UP CIDS organized a series of public learning sessions on the achievements of the administration under President Benigno S. Aquino III, and together with the academia and other players, put together a picture of the ‘state of the nation’ from 2010 till the present.  The learning sessions were done through an open presentation will be documented, distilled, and put out by the University of the Philippines. The state of the nation used the Key Result Areas (KRA) defined by the Aquino administration as a basis for the presentation, discussion, and learning. We invited the concerned agencies of government to lead the presentation and assessment of the Aquino administration. The agencies are those involved in the implementation of the KRAs. The UP CIDS also invited resource persons who served as counterpart assessors from the academia and experts from other sectors.
The Key Result Areas are as follows :
1)      Transparent, accountable, and participatory governance
2)      Poverty Reduction and empowerment of the poor and vulnerable
(Including Health and Education, Job Creation, and Rural Development)
3)      Rapid, inclusive, and sustained economic growth
4)      Just and lasting peace and the rule of law
5)      Integrity of the environment and climate change adaptation and mitigation
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