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The US Empire: Beginning of the End? Implications for the Philippines and Asia | A Public Forum

Everyone is invited to a hybrid public forum, “The U.S. Empire: Beginning of the End | Implications for the Philippines and Asia,” which will be held on 23 February 2024, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. (PH Standard Time), at the UP Center for Integrative and Development Studies (CIDS), Lower Ground Floor, Ang Bahay ng Alumni, Magsaysay Ave., University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

The forum will also be available via Zoom. The event is free and open to the public, but seating is first-come, first-served.



Walden Bello, PhD
International Adjunct Professor
State University of New York at Binghamton


Evan P. Garcia (ret.)
Former Philippine Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other International Organizations in Geneva
Herman S. Kraft
Professor of Political Science, UP Diliman
Convenor, Strategic Studies Program, UP CIDS

About the Forum

The 20th century witnessed the full emergence of Pax American sustained throughout by alliances and diplomacy in which military strategy played a key role, often leading to global conflicts. But the rise and expansion of the BRICS Alliance which include both socialist and rightist governments has opened possibilities of a multi-polar world. Yet US militarized foreign policy has steered military conflicts in Palestine, the Middle East, Europe (the Ukraine war) and Asia over Taiwan and disputes in the South China Sea between the Philippines and China. Is a global war inevitable as some analysts predict? Will current global and internal political, economic, and environmental crises facing the United States mean the beginning of the end of its hegemony?

The Organizers

The forum is organized by the Citizens’ Initiative for an Independent Foreign Policy,  the UP CIDS Program on Alternative Development (AltDev) and the UP CIDS Strategic Studies Program (SSP), in partnership with the University Student Council, UP Diliman. AltDev and SSP are two programs of the Center for Integrative and Development Studies, the policy research unit of the University of the Philippines. Visit the UP CIDS database and download over 900+ policy papers for free.

The Program on Alternative Development (AltDev) aims to look at paradigms, policies, practices, and projects that are largely marginalized and excluded from the mainstream. The Strategic Studies Program (SSP) aims to promote interest, discourse, and significant changes in Philippines foreign policy and capacity building for strategic studies. Visit both Programs’ pages and download their publications for free.

For queries, please email UP CIDS AltDev [email protected]

Venue Map

The entrance to UP CIDS is on the left side of the Ang Bahay ng Alumni. It is located near and below Veterans Bank. View vicinity map (Google Maps). UP jeepneys, including Ikot, pass in front of Bahay ng Alumni. Limited parking slots are available in the venue.