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Job Opportunity: Science Research Specialist II

Position: Science Research Specialist II
Salary: SG16
Overview of Job Opening 
Philippine Primary Care Studies (PPCS) is an ongoing series of studies across  urban, rural, and isolated areas in the Philippines. Our team piloted interventions through  enhancements in primary care financing, health information systems, capacity building,  public and private health care provider network formation, and community engagement. Our  ideal candidate for this opportunity is data-driven, extremely detail-oriented, and has the grit  and passion for health systems research. While work arrangements at PPCS are fully  remote, flexible, and output-based, our ideal candidate is likely to dedicate 25-30 hours per  week fulfilling program tasks.  
Principal Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Author/co-author program manuscripts on health systems research, specifically  employing a transdisciplinary lens towards primary care  
  • Contribute substantial technical and editorial revisions to program manuscripts
  • Conduct critical appraisals and literature reviews  
  • Oversee study design and implementation of assigned sub-studies
  • Interpret and analyze qualitative and quantitative research data 
  • Fact-check existing research manuscripts 
  • Write research protocols and policy briefs  
  • Develop comprehensive program presentations for stakeholders as needed
  • Perform other research-oriented tasks as assigned 

Minimum qualifications 

  • Bachelor’s degree relevant to the job 
  • Minimum 2 years professional work experience, with demonstrated  experience in applied research, publication writing, and/or the academe o Excellent technical and/or academic writing skills with the ability to publish  in peer-reviewed journals 
  • Strong background in qualitative and quantitative data elicitation methods 
  • Embodies a critical appreciation of scholarly literature  
  • Systems thinker but has the grit required of repetitive “gruntwork”  

Preferred qualifications 

  • Educational background in health sciences, social sciences, economics, or  comparative literature 
  • Masteral degree or units taken, an advantage 
  • Existing publications or conference experience, a strong advantage
  • Capacity to understand of theoretical study components, its practical policy  implications, and its broader social impact 

Application Process:
Send the following to [email protected]

  • One cover letter addressed to Regine Ynez H. De Mesa 
  • Two curriculum vitaes (1 with full employee details and 1 anonymized)  o One writing sample that showcases academic writing ability 

All attachments must be in PDF format and labelled as follows: 
 Email subject:  

  • [Surname] PPCS Hiring for SRS2  

 File name formats:  

  • Anonymized CV PPCS SRS2 
  • [Surname] CV PPCS SRS2 
  • [Surname] Cover Letter PPCS SRS2 
  • [Surname] Writing Sample PPCS SRS2 

Applications and attachments must be emailed on or before October 1, 2021. 
Expected onboarding is mid-October to November.