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Piddig, Ilocos Norte: A model for resilient agri-institutions

As we gradually resume economic activity after the community quarantine, how can local governments ensure a geographically-balanced approach to recovery and rural development? The UP CIDS Program on Escaping the Middle-Income Trap: Chains for Change (EMIT C4C) returns to Piddig, Ilocos Norte for an answer.

Tara Alessandra Abrina, Jeremiah Joseph Revereza, Jane Lynn Capacio, Napoleon E. Concepcion, and Annette Balaoing-Pelkmans, Ph.D.

11 June 2020


Piddig, Ilocos Norte: A model for the “new normal” in agriculture

What does the “new normal” look like for the agricultural sector? A town in Ilocos Norte might have a preview of what’s next for farming.

Jane Lynn Capacio, Jeremiah Joseph Revereza, Tara Alessandra Abrina, and Annette Balaoing-Pelkmans

1 June 2020


A buoy in a perfect storm: Value chain support for MSMEs in a pandemic

What are the implications of a pandemic on micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs)? Value chains and lead firms, in cooperation with government, could hold the answer to economic recovery amid crisis.

Jane Lynn D. Capacio, Tara Alessandra Abrina, and JC Punongbayan

12 May 2020


Why high rice imports and high rice local production might not jive together

With food security becoming an urgent concern in the middle of the pandemic, how will changes in the importation and local production of rice affect its price?

E. Annette O. Balaoing-Pelkmans

5 May 2020


The Externalities of Pandemics

What are the costs (or benefits) of a pandemic to individuals and to society at large?

Tara Alessandra Abrina, Julius Paolo Basa, Jane Lynn Capacio, and Joyce Marie Lagac

29 April 2020