Political Economy Program


The Risk of a Face-to-Face Economy

UP CIDS Political Economy Program (PEP) Convenor Dr. Antoinette R. Raquiza offers insights on the clamor to reopen the economy and the risks that come with it.

Education Research Program


Generating Education Resources during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Analysis and Recommendations

With schools and other educational institutions facing the challenge of shifting to alternative learning interventions and modalities, this technical note discusses ways on how leaders and administrators can evaluate their capabilities and generate additional resources from potential partners and sources.

Program on Social and Political Change


COVID-19 Bulletin

The UP CIDS Program on Social and Political Change (PSPC) presents a series of reports on the political and governance responses of different countries and regions to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Program on Higher Education Research and Policy Reform


The Need to Increase Supply of Medical Workers and Build Telemedicine Infrastructure to Prepare for Future Public Health Crises

In a new policy brief, economists Geoffrey Ducanes and Sarah Lynne Daway-Ducanes discuss a two-pronged strategy to solve the shortage of health care professionals in the country.

Islamic Studies Program


COVID-19 and Islamic Burials: Safeguarding the Dignity of the Dead

17 June 2020 • 10:00 AM to 12:00 NN

Program on Alternative Development


Southeast Asian Community and Grassroots Responses in COVID-19 Times

While national reports are extensively documented and macro numbers are often reported, there is a need to look more closely at how underprivileged sectors and communities respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Program on Escaping the Middle-Income Trap: Chains for Change


COVID-19 Policy Blog

This blog features policy commentaries that approach the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines through big data, inclusive and competitive agriculture value chains, business for peace, partnering spaces, and inclusive science.

University of the Philippines System


COVID-19 UPdates

This portal serves as a compilation of verified information and resource materials on the University of the Philippines’ actions during this public health situation.