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Marine Affairs and Biodiversity Conservation

Amaranthaceae of the Philippines
By Gilda C. Rivero
66 pages yr 1996

This taxonomic report on the Amaranthaceae (locally known as colites) is useful for lay people interested in using the plant species for medicine, food, and other purposes.

Diversity of Spores in Philippine Ferns 
By Cresencia C. Joaquin and Prescillano M. Zamora
250 pages yr 1996
Faunal Diversity in the Marine Coastal Zone 
By Reynaldo M. de la Paz and Edgardo D. Gomez
46 pages yr 1995
Diversity of Flora in the Philippine Mangrove Ecosystems 
By Prescillano M. Zamora
92 pages yr 1995
The Philippines  and the European Community: Policy Issues and Directions 
By Emmanuel de Dios and Gonzalo Bongolan
46 pages yr 1995 
The Genus Syngramma in the Philippines 
By Gilda C. Rivero and Prescillano M. Zamora
53 pages yr 1995
Urban Ferns and Fern Allies 
By Prescillano Zamora

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