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Mindanao Studies

Surat Maguindanaon
Jawi Documentary Series, Vol 1

By Samuel K. Tan, translated by Samier M. Bakuludan
56 pages yr 1996

The Jawi Documentary Series is a compilation of indigenous written material of the Muslim south written in the distinct form of writing locally known as jawi (jawa in Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia). As the only extant written indigenous literature of the Filipino Muslims, the Jawi materials are indispensable to historians seeking to correct the misinterpretation or distortions of Filipino Muslim History. This first volume of the series puts together 22 Maguindanaoan documents copied from originals in the archives.

 Annotated bibliography of Jawi Materials
of the Muslim South 
By Samuel K. Tan
48 pages yr 1996

Jawi is a generic term covering correspondence and other forms of discourses which express personal opinions and sentiments or official policies and recommendations directly written by or scribed on behalf of individuals comprising the Sultanate hierarchy. The bulk of jawi sources located during the research is addressed to top ranking officials of succeeding colonial governments in the Muslim South.

 Annotated Bibliography of Maguindanaon,
Tausug, and Yakan Studies 
By Samier M. Bakuludan,
Munap H. Hairulla, and
Ermina K. Mariano
57 pages yr 1996

This bibliography of ethnic studies is a contribution to a meaningful approach to Mindanao’s history and culture.

 The Socioeconomic Dimension of Moro Secessionism 
By Samuel K. Tan
28 pages yr 1995 


 Mindanao and the East ASEAN Growth Area: Proceedings of the 1995 Seminar-Workshops in Western Minanao and the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao
140 pages yr 1995


 A Review of Land Settlements in the Philippines 
By Cayetano W. Paderanga, Jr.
54 pages yr 1995 


 Islam in the Philippines
(1995/No. 3) 
By Samuel K. Tan and Julkipli Wadi
20 pages yr 1995


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