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State of the Nation Program

Saving the Present for the Future: The State of the Environment
By Percy Sajise et al.
64 pages ? 1992. Reprinted 1994.

Primary Health Care in the Philippines By Arturo M. Pesigan, Ruben N. Caragay, Marilyn Lorenzo, and Victoria A. Bautista
44 pages ? 1992. Reprinted 1995.
The Philippine Congress: Executive-Legislative Relations and the Restoration of Democracy By Olivia C. Caoili
38 pages ? 1993
Philippine Science and Technology: Time for Bold Moves By Virginia S. Cariño
48 pages ? 1993
Philippine Industrialization and Industrial Relations By Rene E. Ofreneo
56 pages ? 1994
Management Control in Chinese-Filipino Business Enterprises By Emerlinda R. Roman, Erlinda S. Echanis, Ernesto P. Pineda, Rafael A. Rodriguez, and Ma. Teresa M. Sicat
121 pages ? 1996
Issues and Concerns of Overseas Filipinos: An Assessment of the Philippine Government?s Response By Elena Samonte et al.
320 pages ? 1995
Views on the Parliamentary versus Presidential Government By Olivia C. Caoili, et al.
47 pages ? 1994
The Politicization of the Military By Felipe B. Miranda
17 pages ? 1992. Reprinted 1995.
Devolution and Empowerment: The Local Government Code of 1991 and Local Autonomy in the Philippines By Proserpina D. Tapales
32 pages ? 1993
Imperatives for Sustainable Industrialization By V. Bruce J. Tolentino
28 pages ? 1993
The Filipino ElderlyBy Lita J. Domingo,
Belen T. Medina
and Ma. Fe A. Domingo
69 pages ? 1994
Philippine Privatization: Experience, Issues and Lessons By Epictetus E. Patalinghug
23 pages ? 1996
The State of the Philippine Environment By Percy Sajise et al.
338 pages ? 1996
The Filipino Child: A Health Situationer By Perla Santos Ocampo et al.
145 pages ? 1994
Policy Issues, Responses and Constituencies: State-Civil Society Relations in Policy-Making  By the Third World Studies Center
175 pages ? 1994

Occasional Papers

Reconceptualizing Giftedness in the Philippines By Erlinda F. Camara
52 pages ? 1995
Indigenous Coastal Resource Management: The Case of Mataw Fishing in Batanes By Maria F. Mangahas
86 pages ? 1994
The Meaning & Measurement of WellBeing: A Review of the Research Literature By Lynna Marie Y. SyCip,
Maruja M.B. Asis, and
Emmanuel M. Luna
72 pages ? 1993
Area-Based Child Survival and Development Program: An Experiment in Devolution By Victoria A. Bautista
92 pages ? 1994

Monograph Series

The Philippine Financial Services Industry: Prospects and Chal-lenges in the Next Decade Edited by Rafael Rodriguez
73 pages ? 1995
Where Food and Population Meet: The Filipino Household Among Other Households By Gelia T. Castillo
87 pages ? 1993
Philippine Education: Promise and PerformanceEdited by Priscila S. Manalang
216 pages ? 1992
Towards Economic Alternatives for the Baselands: A Preliminary Study By the U.P. Research Team, UP-CIDS
92 pages ? 1989
Presidential Leadership and Cory AquinoEdited by Belinda A. Aquino
72 pages ? 1989
Administration of Justice in the PhilippinesEdited by Belinda A. Aquino
67 pages ? 1994
National Identity and Social ChangeBy Ma. Luisa C. Doronila
115 pages ? 1992
The Failed December Coup: View From the U.P. Community Edited by Belinda A. Aquino
101 pages ? 1989
A Study of Alternative Uses of Military Baselands for Sustainable Development Part I: A Review of the “Integrated Bases Conversion Plan”By Leonardo Mariano
35 pages ? 1988

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