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Resolving Territorial Disputes: Between Asymmetrical Powers | Katipunan Dialogue Podcast, Episode 11

Episode Overview

This episode explores the dynamics of resolving territorial disputes between asymmetrical powers. The podcast asks, does power ultimately define outcomes of disputes or do other factors play an equally important role? Power asymmetry is considered as one factor that potentially impacts the outcomes of negotiations, usually favoring the party in possession of more resources, for instance in terms of economic means and military power. Nonetheless, disputes do not exist in a vacuum, and are open to scrutiny from external actors and the larger international community. We ask our guests to touch on the role that external or third parties have on the resolution of the boundary dispute.


  • Dr. Aileen A. Espiritu
    Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education
    The Arctic University of Norway
  • Dr. Marc Lanteigne
    Associate Professor of Political Science
    The Arctic University of Norway

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