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NAMFREL Urges Every Citizen to “Be a Hero”

The National Movement for Free Elections (NAMFREL) is calling on all citizens to be a one-hour NAMFREL volunteer in its “be a hero” campaign.   Citizens are invited to be at their precincts at the close of the polls on May 9 and observe the counting of ballots and the posting of the results in the election returns (ER’s).  NAMFREL one-hour volunteers are then urged to send the results of the votes for President and Vice President only to NAMFREL via SMS to 0922-166-3735 or to the NAMFREL website  Results received will be checked, verified and posted in the NAMFREL website as they are received.  This project is intended to inform the public of the votes coming in from different regions for these two highest elective positions and provides them with the opportunity to compare these ER’s with the transmitted results to the City of Municipal Board of Canvassers.
Volunteers are encouraged to visit the NAMFREL website to learn more about being a hero.
NAMFREL likewise urges citizens to be vigilant and report election-related incidents to the police authorities or the COMELEC.  The NAMFREL website will also be open to receive these incident reports and refer these to the proper authorities.
As in many years since 1983, NAMFREL has been bringing Filipinos together to work to help revive and sustain democracy by safeguarding the integrity of the vote.  This election is crucial as it is very close and thus passions may be unusually high.  The more reason we should all work together to ensure a safe and clean election.  We each have a responsibility to make this happen.