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Published works of ERP

Published works of the Education Research Program

The Algebra of the Weaving Patterns, Gong Music and Kinship System of the Kankana-ey 
By the Faculty of the Discipline of Mathematics, UP College Baguio

This is a pioneering study on Philippine ethnomathematics, the mathematics of a people’s culture and community life. Focusing on certain features of the indigenous ways of the Kankane-ey of the Cordillera, the study shows that mathematics is concretely embedded and operative in their culture.

141 pages  1996
 Rapid Community Assessment (RCA): A Pre-Implementation Strategy for Project Mobilization, Information Dissemination and Participatory Research (Vols 1 and 2)
By Diego Quejada II et al.

This study is a form of social research which seeks to identify the basic economic, civic-political, and sociocultural characteristics of communities targetted for nonformal education programs.

213 pages  1996 Vols 1 & 2
 Studies on Functional Education and Literacy: A Handbook and User’s GuideBy the UP-ERP Research Team

This Handbook and User’s Guide prepared by the UP-Education Research Program for the research dissemination conferences of the Philippine Nonformal Education Project contains the highlights, policy implications, and applications of eight research projects commissioned by the Bureau of NonFormal Education, Department of Education, Culture and Sports.

453 pages  1996
 Taxonomies of Functional Literacy and Numeracy (Levels 1, 2 and 3) 
By Flora G. Cruz et al.

This study contains taxonomies at three levels which can be used as bases for curriculum and instructional materials development as well as for testing, evaluation, and equivalency of a nonformal program with the formal school program.

147 pages  1996
 Creating Livelihood Opportunities 
By Fe Revita-Arriola and Rachel M. Cabato

This book provides a comprehensive program framework for livelihood development, in contrast to sporadic, piecemeal, and disjointed approaches that often result in costly failures.

46 pages  1996 
 Reconstructing Educational Knowledge: Incorporating Community Knowledge in Functional Literacy Programs, Vols I and II 
By Patricia B. Arinto

The study involves a systematic documentation of traditional and popular knowledge in various Philippine communities using integrative curricular grids for ready use by teachers and curriculum planners.

530 pages  1996  
 A Perspective of the Life and Death Cycle Among the Sama of Tawi-Tawi/dakayuh panganda’an ma libutan kaul’lum maka kamatay ma bowahan sama ma tawi-tawi 
By Benjamin A. Han

The book describes the rites of passage for individuals in an indigenous community by using the life-death cycle approach. (In English original, with Sama translation by the author)

108 pages  1996  
 Efficiency and Resilience in the delivery of quality higher education in selected metro manila institutions 
By Maria Luisa C. Doronila, Josefina Cortes, and Ferdinand Garrido

An exploratory study on the subject of delivering quality education under conditions of scarcity

83 pages  1994  
 Indigenous Learning Systems: Mountain Province
By Wilfredo Alangui


 Exemplar Modules: An Inventory of Existing Literacy Materials
By Eleanor Eme E. Hermosa et alLearning from Life: An Ethnographic Study of Functional Literacy in Marginal Philippine Communities
With English and Filipino editions

 Vol 1

  • An Ethnographic Study of Functional Literacy in Fourteen Philippine Communites (Main Report)  By Maria Luisa C. Doronila and Jasmin Espiritu Acuña

Vol 2

  • Abridged version of the main report  By Maria Luisa C. Doronila and Jasmin Espiritu Acuña

Vol 3

  • Boheh Umos (Tawitawi) Site Report  By Benjamin Han

Vol 4

  • Kala (Ifugao) Site Report  By Wilfredo Alangui, Lenora Fe Brawner,  Raymundo Rovillos

Vol 5

  • Alaga and Galingan, Calinaw (Iloilo) Site Report  By Alicia P. Magos

Vol 6

  • Sta. Rosa Refugee (Pampanga) Site Report  By Julian Abuso et al.

Vol 7

  • Loob Resettlement (Zambales) Site Report  By Nestor Balmores et al.

Vol 8

  • Taka (Lanao del Sur) Site Report  By Nagasura T. Madale

Vol 9

  • Anatu (Maguindanao) Site Report  By Nagasura T. Madale

Vol 10

  • Magdalena (Negros Occidental) Site Report  By Alicia P. Magos

Vol 11

  • Magayon (Sorsogon) Site Report  By Eleanor Eme E. Hermosa

Vol 12

  • Calamansi and Lapulapu (Mindoro Oriental)  Site Report  By Emma Santos-Castillo and Robert Ruda

Vol 13

  • Palihan (Bulacan) Site Report  By Catalino T. Rivera Forthcoming: Filipino Edition

Vol 14

  • Labasan and Martires (NCR) Site Report  By Jasmin Espiritu Acuña Forthcoming: Filipino Edition

Vol 15

  • Inipon (Quezon) Site Report  By Florangel Rosario-Braid and Ramon R. Tuason

Vol 16

  • Corona (Rizal) Site Report  By Florangel Rosario-Braid and Ramon R. Tuason

The Meaning of UP Education:  A preliminary evaluation of Knowledge Management, Attitude and Value Formation in UP Diliman Degree Programs 
Edited by Maria Luisa C. Doronila and Lediviña V. Cariño

 Vol 1

  • Main Research Report  By Maria Luisa C. Doronila and Lediviña V. Cariño

Vol 2

  • College of Public Administration Unit Report By Wilhelmina Cabo

Vol 3

  • College of Home Economics Unit Report By Margarita de la Paz, Miriam Alcantara, Adelaida Mayo, Myrna Zamora, Marilou Lim, Al Purugganan

Vol 4

  • School of Labor and Industrial Relations Unit Report By Virginia A. Teodosio

Vol 5

  • UP Integrated School Unit Report  By Eleanor Eme E. Hermosa

Vol 6

  • College of Social Sciences and Philosophy Unit Report  By Lynna Marie SyCip, Annadaisy J. Carlota, Maria Serena I. Diokno

Vol 7

  • College of Business Administration Unit Report  By Elvira A. Zamora

Vol 8

  • Asian Center Unit Report  By Carolyn Sobritchea and Juan Francisco

Vol 9

  • College of Arts and Letters Unit Report  By Josefina Agravante

Vol 10

  • College of Education Unit Report  By Nestor Balmores and Erlinda Camara

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