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Solid Waste Management Program

The program on Solid Waste Management of the U.P. Center for Integrative and Development Studies is the pioneering initiative and institutional response of the university to the mounting problems and issues on solid waste management in cities and municipalities, industries and commercial sites, institutions, hospitals, public markets. It puts the expertise of the academe in the service of the nation for local and regional urban-rural development planning, national and local legislation, program and institutional development aimed at problem solving. The program undertakes research and public information functions that will bring out knowledge and support for innovative methods and approaches, scientific and technical developments, social participation, administrative institutional interventions for effective and successful solid waste management systems.


The Solid Waste Management Program undertakes research projects under the following research areas:

  • Health and Environment
  • Governance and Policy Development
  • Science, Technology and Business
  • Development for the Environment
  • Community Based Initiatives and Social Participation
  • Ecosystem Waste Management Information

The Solid Waste Management Program ndertakes the holding of conferences, workshops, roundtable discussions and consultation meetings to generate discussion and critical thinking to facilitate date gathering and information seeking.

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