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PhilSHIFT is an interdisciplinary group that brings together researchers from the University of the Philippines and the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich (LMU) in a collaborative effort that aims to study the Filipino circadian clock and shift work. It is now a UP-CIDS program in the area of employment.
Determining the Filipino chronotype or “body clock” type​ is crucial to understanding the human circadian clock. It is also an important aspect in a field of increasing interest to researchers and industry — the influence of shift work on Filipino contact center employees, majority of whom are constrained to work beyond typical daytime hours. PhilSHIFT hopes to work with cooperating companies in looking for strategies that promote health, productivity and sustainability of the workforce.
How does the Filipino body clock “tick” in relation to actual time, especially in shift work? PhilSHIFT believes in collaborating with industry to answer this question and come up with policies and programs that are responsive to situation of the Filipino workforce.
​​It is now engaged in a survey to build the Filipino chronotype database.
​PhilSHIFT invites you to get to know your body clock.​
Find out by answering the Questionnaire @ PhilSHIFT website – click “Know Your Chronotype”