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Public Policy

Public Policy: Journal of Interdisciplinary Development Perspectives (PPJ) is the biannual peer-reviewed journal of the University of the Philippines Center for Integrative and Development Studies (UP CIDS) released in print and online. The PPJ was launched in 1997 by then UP President Emil Javier to serve as one of the university’s contributions to public policy discourse from a multidisciplinary perspective. Since then, it has published key research projects conducted by university faculty members across the UP system and has evolved to be a platform for examining contemporary social, cultural, economic, and political issues in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and East Asia.
The PPJ promotes the broadening of discourse on public policy to accommodate more dynamic contemporary policy realities in the Philippines as well as in developing and/or industrialized countries in Southeast Asia and East Asia, in general. The PPJ publishes policy research covering the following major themes: education, alternative paradigms of development, social and political change, strategic studies, ethnicity and religion, science and technology, and medicine. The PPJ also accommodates scholarly work on issues such as peace and conflict transformation, migration, constitutional change, and disaster risk and reduction.
Maintaining its preference for multidisciplinary research, the PPJ welcomes theoretical articles containing relevant literature, well-designed and analyzed empirical studies, and policy studies that are widely applicable.
The PPJ Editorial Office is based at the UP Center for Integrative and Development Studies, Diliman, Quezon City. Teresa S. Encarnacion Tadem, Ph.D., Professor at the Department of Political Science, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, UP Diliman, is the current Executive Director of UP CIDS and the Editor-in-Chief of the PPJ. To maintain academic rigor, scholars affiliated with globally renowned institutions from various disciplines serve as its peer reviewers, as needed.


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