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UP CIDS releases “Book of Abstracts” for 2015-2016 Researches

The University of the Philippines Center for Integrative and Development Studies (UP CIDS) published in its website a Book of Abstracts to catalogue 25 funded researches for the years 2015-2016.
The Book of Abstracts provides a snapshot of all UP CIDS’ completed and ongoing studies that span a wide range of topics from “bivalve mariculture” and “mother tongue-based education” to “weather warnings in social media” and “crime modeling.”  Further, it is subdivided into four thematic areas: environment, agriculture, and mariculture; disaster management and resilience; health, education, and communication; and management and local governance.
Full abstracts for 20 researches are available, while five other and ongoing studies were included for reference.
From here on, under the instruction of its Exec. Director Edna Co, UP CIDS is set to massively disseminate the Book of Abstracts to policy makers, research councils and networks, state universities and colleges, and other academic and research-oriented institutions, in order to diffuse the knowledge, findings, and policy recommendations brought together by UP’s faculty members with the aid of the University’s financial and other forms of support.
The Center also intends to release a compendium of the research papers by next year.
The publication of the Book of Abstracts, among many other initiatives, is a testament to UP CIDS’ commitment to purposively bridge and engage experts from the academe and policy-making quarters to arrive at sound and evidence-based policies drawn from a multidisciplinary lens.
To view the Book of Abstracts, click here.