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Job Opportunity: Research Assistant

Position: Research Assistant – Administrative
Duration: 3 months (October 1 – December 31, 2021)
Salary: Php 18,000.00 per month

  1. Coordinate with the CIDS administrative personnel on the program requirements
  2. Provide admin support to the program personnel and projects
  3. Manage preparation, submission, and follow up of office orders and job orders for hiring of personnel for the program’s activities.
  4. Assist in the budget planning for the activities of the program.
  5. Prepare disbursement vouchers for program expenses.
  6. Process payments for suppliers and hired personnel 
  7. Update status of reimbursements and payments
  8. Prepare, maintain, and update financial reports for each project and ERP funds
  9. Assist in project activities assigned.
  10. Prepare, maintain, and update program reports
  11. Other tasks assigned by the convenor

Skills needed:

  1. Proficiency in word processing, spreadsheet, presentation skills
  2. Preferably, skilled in research and data work and software use
  3. Language proficiency in spoken and written Filipino, English
  4. Ability to develop and maintain partnerships with UP offices, research collaborators and funders
  5. Information, file, and time management skills

Expected Output / Deliverables:

  1. Monthly accomplishment report of tasks
  2. Reports to CIDS/funders/partners
  3. Administrative and financial documents such as vouchers, office/job orders
  4. Effective coordination work with UP offices, staff, researchers, funders, and partners


  1. College graduate or equivalent and relevant experience
  2. Has computer and internet access 

Applicants may send their resume to [email protected] on or before 25 September 2021.